Frigidaire FDB2410HIB - 24 inch Built-In Dishwasher - Black

The FDB2410HIB dishwasher from Frigidaire is not only crafted from durable stainless steel for that attractive look and highly durable construction, but it also comes with a range of useful features. With its 9 easy-clean touch pads, self-cleaning feature, and energy saver wash cycle, looking forward to dishwashing may not be too impossible.

Key features

- The 9 easy-clean touch pads make this dishwasher highly convenient for everyone.
- The 5-level Direct Feed Wash System allows you to choose the right options when washing plates, pots, and pans.
- Stainless steel interior assures you of a dishwasher that is made to last and one that delivers the best performance during each and every use.
- The stainless steel filter effectively filters out food, dirt, and other debris when dishwashing.
- The energy saver wash cycle gives you the option to wash your dishes, pots, pans, and others while minimizing energy consumption.
- The stainless steel food disposer makes sure that food particles are carefully separated throughout the dishwashing process.
- The variable delay start allows you to use the dishwasher when you want it, so it does not interrupt you from your chores.
- The 3-piece Silverware Basket keeps your silverware organized.
- The SilentDesign Sound Insulation Package assures you of a quiet and easy operation,so using your dishwasher is always simple and convenient.


Choosing a reliable dishwasher is very important, and this is why the Frigidaire FDB2410HIB is an excellent addition to any kitchen. Using this dishwasher is simple, especially with its 9 easy-touch and easy-to-clean touchpads,and its self-cleaning and maintainable feature. It also comes with the 5-level Direct Feed Wash System that makes sure you choose the right option when washing and cleaning your kitchen items.

This dishwasher also comes with the right compartments for easy organization of items when dishwashing. It has the 2 Folding Cup Shelf/Stemware Holder as well as the 3-piece silverware basket with 3 lids for smaller items. This dishwasher comes with a stainless steel filter and stainless steel food disposer. And if you are looking for a dishwasher that can save on energy consumption, this dishwasher from Frigidaire is an excellent match for your needs.


Although this dishwasher from Frigidaire is among its most reliable models, there have been some reported disadvantages to this product as well. One consumer has complained how it takes up to 2 to 3 washing cycles before the plates come out clean and totally rinsed. Also, the dishwasher has some leaking problems during which repairs had to be carried out in order to restore the product into its excellent working condition. It also takes a long time for one cycle to finish before the dishes are completely cleaned and rinsed.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- durable construction, with stainless steel interior
- 9 easy clean touch pads for easy operation
- 5-level direct feed wash system for different dishwashing options
- organized dishwashing with the stemware holder and silverware basket


- washing cycle takes too long
- dishwasher prone to leaks
- takes up to 2 to 3 washing cycles before dishes are completely cleaned

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Apr 07, 2011
Disappointed in Frigidaire Dishwasher
by: Bonnie Davis

Our house was built in 2007 and we have now had our new Frigidaire dishwasher repaired twice. The first time it had a leak (recall) and it was repaired at no charge to us. I have had nothing but problems and complaints about it since it was installed. My dishes are seldom clean, leave a film, the soap doesn't dispense properly and now we're told either the motor or the computer is damaged and needs repaired. Incidentally, we also have a Frigidaire microwave oven which has needed repairs twice in the past 3 1/2 years. I will NEVER purchase another Frigidaire.

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