Frigidaire FDB520RH Full Console Dishwasher

It comes in two colors, black and white. The removable basket for silverware is helpful when it comes to rearranging dishes on the lower shelf. A definite plus for this dishwasher is the price. It is less expensive than many of the other popular brands and it has many of the same features.

Another plus is that it has a delayed start, which comes in very handy, since one of the negatives is that this dishwasher tends to be a bit loud. Another con is that this model does not qualify as energy efficient. The features of this dishwasher include pots and pans, light wash and normal cycles as well as a high temperature wash.

You can also choose to use the heat dry or not. There is also a delayed start where you can delay either two, four or six hours. Both the top and bottom racks are set up so that you can arrange your dishes in many ways, including being able to fit in large pots and pans. The dishes get very clean in this model. It is helpful to get the water hot in your sink prior to starting the dishwasher to ensure that the water starts out hot.

Another positive feature of this dishwasher is the fact that it lock automatically when you close it. No more starting the washer only to find out later that you forgot to move the lock over!

In general, this model has a lot of features that you actually use and none that you don't and the cost is very reasonable. You aren't paying for extra features that you don't use or only use once in a while.

Rating 4 out of 5

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