Frigidaire FGHD2433KW Frigidaire Gallery 24 inch Built-In Dishwasher - White

Like the other models available in black or stainless steel, this uncluttered white built-in dishwasher by Frigidaire boasts the latest dishwasher features. An ultra large capacity, together with seven wash cycles, enables the FGHD2433KW to handle whatever cleaning challenges you throw its way.

Ranked as the "quietest dishwasher in its class," the FGHD2433KW combines quiet operation with efficient performance and low energy consumption.

Key features

- You can choose from seven, simple to use wash cycles for any of your cleaning needs. Aside from the standard Normal and Heavy cycles, this dishwasher also features a China Crystal cycle specifically designed to thoroughly clean delicate items without any fear of breakage. The Energy Saver cycle is great for those trying to keep their electricity bills and energy consumption at a minimum. There's also the Upper Rack Only, Quick Clean, and Rinse Only cycle if you're looking for time-saving options.
- A staple of many Frigidaire models, the DishSense (TM) and AquaSurge (TM) technologies make choosing and customizing wash cycles a snap. The SmartSoil (TM) sensor further enhances this dishwasher's cleaning performance.
- The PowerDry (TM) drying system gives you the driest, cleanest items after every wash.
- It's easy to fit in many assorted items into your dishwasher, thanks to the SpaceWise (TM) organization system. A spacious silverware basket holds more than 180 items. The adjustable upper rack allows you to make room for large or bulky pieces. Cups, glasses, and delicate crystal items are securely held in place by the 2 cup shelf with champagne glass and stemware holders. Whatever's on your dining table or in your kitchen cabinets, this dishwasher can clean it.
- Durable, high performing parts such as a stainless steel filter, removable filter trap, and food disposer keep your dishwasher running efficiently.
- The Delay Start feature makes doing the dishes more convenient than ever. You can set cycles to start one to 24 hours in advance, making chores adapt to your schedule instead of the other way around.
- Safety and accident prevention are assured by the control locks and Stay-Put door.
- The UltraQuiet (TM) Plus sound package ensures an operation so quiet, you won't even know your dishwasher is running.
- A fully integrated, user friendly control panel with digital display makes operating your dishwasher a no-brainer.
- As with other Frigidaire dishwashers, the FGHD2433KW is Energy Star certified.


This dishwasher is consistently ranked by reviews as having a very large capacity. Many users were also extremely pleased with its quiet operation.

Most customers found this model's cleaning and drying capacity to be above average. It's also noted to be very simple and easy to use. Users have also praised its attractive, sleek appearance.


Some customers have complained that the units they purchased broke down easily. Also, over time, the dishwasher was noted by some users to operate more noisily. Still others have found trouble dealing with Frigidaire's customer service when their units needed repairs.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Efficient cleaning performance
- Simple controls
- Pleasing design
- Quiet operation


- Breaks down easily
- Poor customer service

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Comments for Frigidaire FGHD2433KW Frigidaire Gallery 24 inch Built-In Dishwasher - White

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Mar 18, 2012
not sure only 4 weeks old
by: Anonymous

Makes squeaking whirring noise when changing from top to bottom spray ARM. Does does not dry well. Cleans well though...

Aug 02, 2011
by: jbomber

I agree with Scott in NC from Dec 29, 2010

This machine offers nice looks and features. I too believe it's fairly quiet because it doesn't clean. One time it leaked out the front door, but that was probably due to the drain having a straw blocking it. My problem is it does not rinse well. It Always leaves a skum of dirt no matter which soap or rinse agent I use. The dirt will wipe right off with a dish towel, but that's not what I want. It's as if it is trying to conserve too much water. I am very disappointed. Wish I would have bought a Bosch and paid the extra money. Crap Monkeys!!

Aug 02, 2011
Less than 3 months and it's dead
by: Patty

We purchased our dishwasher on April 3rd 2011. After a month I noticed it would display PF for power failed. We checked the electric connection and they were ok. Over the next few months it would go into PF and then start running again. We called a repair man who tested it and said the problem is in the control panel.
It will take a couple months or more to get the part. If I could get our money back I would have my husband put a cupboard in the spot and just do the dishes by hand.

I knew I should have bought a GE dishwasher. I am so disappointed.

I strongly advise people to NOT buy this dishwasher.

Jul 11, 2011
Major Repairs - Don't Buy
by: Anonymous

We made our purchase in early January 2010. I was so excited to have a quiet dishwasher and it seemed to work well. By March the "whirring" noise was happening and by June 2010 Fridgidaire warranty replaced the motor/pump assembly. All was well until September when the "whirring" came back. Again, Fridgidaire replaced the motor/pump assembly. All was well until around Valentines Day, February 2011 when the unit just quit. No power at the controls. I have been trying to get Fridgidaire and the company I purchased the unit from to help with the $200+ repair bill for a new control board. No one is interested. I plan to pull the machine out of the cabinet, haul it to the dealer and put it on their dock with a polite note that reads something about terrible products and terrible customer service. What a shame! Looking at Bosch products now. I own their clothes washer and dryer. Great machines.

May 13, 2011
by: Anonymous

Our experience is the same as Feb 2011 reviewer - originally very quiet, cleaned well. Now terrible whirring noises when run with a full load. Sounds like the motor is going to burn out. Have not called for service as hate to see what happens to my new hardwood floor when they have to pull the thing out for servicing.

Feb 14, 2011
inconsistant - not recommended
by: Anonymous

Our dishwasher was installed on May 19, 2010. For the first few washings, the dishwasher was quiet, just as we had wanted and searched out for. Then the whirring began, loud enough that it was distracting and annoying. We had our first service call on july 13, 2010. I sat with the repairman through an entire run of the 'empty' dishwasher, not a sound, no evidence of the noises that we had heard.

He left, I was embarrassed, and then with the next use of the dishwasher, the whirring was back. On July 22, a new motor was installed. We were looking forward to the quiet cycles that this dishwasher advertises itself as. Two dishwashings were great, then the noises began again. Not quite the same whirrings as before, but noises none-the-less. In fact, every time the dishwasher runs, there are different noises at different times. it is completely unpredictable. My husband and I do not want to be difficult, nor do we like to be complainers, so we have not yet contacted the dealership about this annoying problem. The dishwasher does its job, cleans the dishes, but not quietly! I check 'frigidaire' reviews to see if others have experienced problems like ours.

We are still on warranty. Are we in need of a 'brand new' dishwasher? I would not recommend this product to anyone, because it is inconsistent. If there had been a 'noise' level right from the get go, I would have accepted that as 'normal', but I do not know what 'normal' is anymore with this product. What am I to do?

Dec 29, 2010
Does not clean!
by: Scott in NC

This machine offers nice looks and features. I believe it's so quiet because it doesn't clean. It has not given any problems in the eight months since I bought it. The problem is; it doesn't clean! Found this site because I'm getting ready to replace this less than two year old unit.

Dec 29, 2010
Seal loose
by: JoAnn

I have had my dishwasher model FGHD2433KF for only 2 months and the seal around the unit has come loose,anyone else have this problem?

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