Frigidaire FGHD2461KB Frigidaire Gallery 24 inch Built-In Dishwasher - Black

Another large capacity built-in dishwasher by Frigidaire, the FGHD2461KB comes in a modern looking, sleek black color. The attractive design extends to the roomy GraniteGrey (TM) interior. With a Stay-put door and control locks, safety and accident prevention are assured. Seven wash cycles, five wash levels, and a direct wash system using 100% filtered water assure you of clean kitchenware and silverware with every use of your dishwasher.

A stainless steel filter and removable filter trap, together with a food disposer, prevent particles from clogging your dishwasher as well as reduce the formation of buildup.

Key features

- The SpaceWise (TM) organization system allows the FGHD2461KB to hold numerous items. Fitting in pots, pans, silverware, crystal, and China into the same dishwasher is not a problem. An adjustable upper rack with fold down tines makes room for large and tall items. A 2 cup shelf with stemware and champagne glass holders keep even the most breakable items secure. The 3 piece splittable silverware basket can hold more than 180 pieces of silverware. The lower rack boasts 2 full rows of fold-down tines and 2 small item covers. With such a large capacity, cleaning up after large parties and dinners is a snap.
- There are seven wash cycles to handle all your cleaning requirements. Upper Rack Only, Quick Clean, and Rinse Only cycles are great for cleaning small, lightly soiled loads when you're pressed for time. An Energy Saver cycle reduces energy consumption and costs. For regular cleaning, there are Heavy and Normal cycles. The China Crystal cycle handles fragile items carefully while giving them a thorough cleaning.
- DishSense (TM) technology allows your dishwasher to select the best, most efficient cycle according to your cleaning requirements.
- AquaSurge (TM) technology is a feature that lets you adjust water pressure, allowing you to customize wash cycles and reduce water consumption.
- The Effortless (TM) Dry feature is so effective that the FGHD4261KB has been touted as having "the best drying performance in its class" according to industry standards. Heat or No Heat dry options let you further save on energy costs. An NSF certified high temperature rinse santizes each item, reducing harmful bacteria in your home.
- With Express-Select (TM) controls and a digital display on a fully integrated control panel, operating your dishwasher is a breeze.
- Sound reduction and insulation is excellent, making this dishwasher run very quietly.
- Energy Star certified, this appliance meets industry standards for energy efficiency. You can save on your bills while saving the environment.


Like similar Frigidaire dishwasher models, the FGHD2461KB has great cleaning capability. Coupled with the highly efficient drying system, all items come out thoroughly clean and spotless.

Customers really appreciate the dishwasher's quiet operation. The easy to use controls as well as the machine's energy efficiency are notable as well.


Other dishwashers with similar features come at a lower cost than the FGHD2461KB's average retail price. Customers have reported problems dealing with customer service and repairs.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Cleaning and drying performance
- Quiet operation
- Simple controls
- Energy efficiency


- Price
- Inefficient customer service

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