Frigidaire FGHD2461KW Gallery 24 inch Built-In Dishwasher - White

Another outstanding addition to Frigidaire's line up of built-in dishwashers, the FGHD2461KW has a clean white exterior housing a powerful cleaning machine. The attractive GrainiteGray interior is designed using Frigidaire's SpaceWise (TM) organization system, allowing it to hold many items of all shapes and sizes. Seven wash cycles and five wash levels give you all the options you need to get the dishes done. To maintain the cleanliness and performance of your dishwasher, it has a filter and a food disposer, both made of stainless steel.

Key features

- The SpaceWise (TM) organization system includes a large silverware basket that can securely hold more than 180 items, an adjustable upper dish rack to make room for tall kitchenware, and 2 cup shelves with stemware holders.
- The seven wash cycles can answer all your cleaning needs. If you have light cleaning to do and are pressed for time, you have the Rinse Only, Top Rack, and the Quick Clean options. Heavy and Normal cycles do the job for everyday, general cleaning. For those worried about energy consumption, there's the Energy Saver cycle. And fragile items can be thoroughly cleaned without any worries or breakage thanks to the China/Crystal cycle.
- The FGHD2461KW has the Effortless (TM) Dry feature, giving it a top rated drying performance according to industry standards. There are also options for drying. You can choose between Heat and No Heat dry, with the latter as an energy saving option. This dishwasher also features a high temperature rinse to keep your dishes and silverware germ free.
- DishSense (TM) technology makes washing the dishes a no-brainer, as this feature automatically picks the right cycle for whatever your load is. You can further adjust the level of cleaning power you need with AquaSense (TM) Technology, which lets you change washing pressure.
- The fully integrated control panel boasts Express-Select (TM) controls and a digital display. Your dishwasher is very simple and easy to use.
- The Delay Start feature, which allows you to set wash cycles one to 24 hours in advance, adds to the convenience this dishwasher provides.
- The Energy Star seal proves that this dishwasher is certified to deliver an energy efficient performance, saving you money on electricity bills.


This dishwasher delivers when it comes to cleaning power. The multiple wash options make it capable of handling all kinds of items, from heavy pots and pans to delicate crystalware. Drying is also very efficient, which can reassure customers that glassware will be spotless after washing. The large capacity, together with the adjustable rack and shelves, allow you to wash a wide variety of items at once.

Like other Frigidaire dishwashers, the FGHD2461KW runs very quietly. It's also energy efficient.


With its average retail price above $400, some customers may find it too costly compared to other dishwasher models. Some Frigidaire owners have also complained of poor customer service.

Like other built-in dishwashers of similar make, this model may be awkward and difficult to load for some users.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Great cleaning and drying performance
- Energy efficient
- Large capacity
- Quiet performance
- User friendly


- Price
- Poor customer service
- Awkward loading

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