Frigidaire FGHD2471KW Frigidaire Gallery Premier 24 inch Built-In Dishwasher - White

Like many other Frigidaire offerings, the FGHD2471KW is equipped with several wash cycle options and features that make washing so much easier. The large, well-organized rack can accommodate up to 180 items or fewer, if the pieces are bigger. With that space and with all the features included, the consumer is sure to have a lot of washing done in less time.

Key features

- The Frigidaire FGHD2471KW with minimal noise involved, earns the recognition of being one of the quietest of its kind.
- The Effortless Dry feature makes drying easy, conserving energy in the process.
- The machine, as a whole, conserves energy and is Energy Star certified.
- It makes use of Frigidaire’s trademark DishSense Technology, which gears up the machine to go into gentle cycle when the dirt and dishes are minimal and into a stronger cycle if there is much cleaning needed.
- It offers several wash cycle options that work hand in hand with DishSense Technology.
- The dishwasher model has the brand’s most adaptable delay start.
- The rack’s silverware basket, hailed as one of the largest ever, can accommodate up to 180 items; fewer items are accommodated if the pieces are bigger.
- The upper rack is adjustable, to make space for taller items.
- The Express Select Control function enables the user to access the options with a push of a button.
- The Quick Clean feature allows the user to clean the dishes faster.
- The machine makes use of a Low Rinse Aid indicator.
- The Frigidaire model makes use of AquaSurge Technology, which adjusts water pressure according to the consumer’s washing needs.


The 24 inch Frigidaire FGHD2471KW is not as slim as the 18 inch models, obviously. However, the bulkier body makes way for all sorts of features to be included and for a bigger rack that accommodates several pieces. The features ensure optimum performance. The dishes are washed faster, cleaner and with minimal energy used and minimal sound produced. The model is also programmable and makes use of modern technology to improve on what other dishwashers can already offer.


The problem with the Frigidaire FGHD2471KW starts with the price. The price may sound reasonable for a built-in washer but it is more expensive than other built-in models from the same manufacturer. The dishwasher may offer several features but other less expensive dishwashers can deliver more.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Does its job quickly
- Operates with minimal noise
- Helps conserve energy
- Accommodates several dishes in the rack
- Programmable
- Modern exterior and technology design
- Has several convenient features
- Makes use of multiple wash cycles as options
- Well-organized but customizable and adjustable rack
- Detects need for heavy or gentle wash
- Adaptable washer
- From reputable manufacturer
- Durable parts and materials


- More expensive than others of its kind
- Has fewer features compared to washers of the same price
- Design could still be improved
- Not trendy

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