Frigidaire FMB330RGC Stainless Steel 18 inch Built In Dishwasher

Built-in dishwashers, such as the Frigidaire FMB330RGC, are neat to look at but quite expensive. So, you have to make sure that you really want things steady and permanent to commit yourself to such a dishwasher. The model is recommended to consumers with large kitchens and plenty of dishes to wash at one time.

Key features

- It has 4 different cycles, which help the dishwasher adjust to varied cleaning levels and loads. There are heavier cycles for washing pots and pans, for example.
- It has 4 wash levels.
- It has a stainless steel interior, which makes it more resistant to rusting and early overall deterioration.
- The washer has an 18 inch measurement, which makes it easier to fit into the kitchen.
- The sound insulation system is good. So, it should be quiet enough for you to concentrate on other duties while doing the wash.
- The washer has a one to three hour start delay, which makes it easy to schedule dishwashing prior to the actual washing.
- There are heat and air dry options.
- It has racks for different kinds of plates, pans and the like.
- The washer works with a convection heating system.
- It can act as a plate warmer and not just a dishwasher.
- This model from Frigidaire dons a detergent dispenser for convenience.


The Frigidaire FMB330RGC has several offered benefits that make it a good buy. Washing is well-customized, through 4 wash levels and 4 cycles. With its stainless steel interior and sturdy frame, it shows promise of durability.

This durability is encased by a small enough frame that can fit into the average kitchen. This is important because of it being a built-in model. The Frigidaire washer also provides heat drying and air drying options, with convection heating capabilities. The feature-driven model is sure to please many buyers.


Unfortunately, Frigidaire FMB330RGC is a built-in washer. This simply means that it is expensive. With prices ranging from the $400 plus to $600 plus, it can certainly put a dent to a budget. While the convection heating system seems a good enough feature, heating from dishwashers is regarded by some as unnecessary and wasteful. After all, there is a focus on producing energy-saving, environmentally-friendly products.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Works quietly
- Has good sound insulation system
- Looks great, with its stainless finish
- Space-saving
- Has many features
- Programmable and modern
- Durable interior
- Great for large kitchens
- Can finish a large load of dishes to wash
- Works as plate warmer as well
- Has detergent dispenser for convenience


- Does not clean properly
- Takes too long to clean dishes
- Unnecessary need for rewashing and rinsing
- Food and soap residue still evident after a wash
- Quite expensive
- Needs to be fitted to a kitchen
- Changing models is a hassle
- Has convection heating, which may not be energy-saving

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Feb 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

We purchased our Frigidaire 18" dishwasher 2 1/2 years ago. The drain pump just went out on it.
The cost to have this repaired will be $268. We paid $400 for our dishwasher.

Beware the service technicians Frigidaire says you have to use. They charge a $75+ fee to assess your problem and then either say they will apply that towards your labor costs and charge double for the labor or they charge the assessment fee and also labor charges without applying the assessment fee towards the labor.

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