Frigidaire FMB330RGS Energy Star 18 inch Built-in Dishwasher - White

An 18 inch frame is considered slim in the world of dishwashers. The Frigidaire FMB330RGS, a built-in dishwasher model, has this space-saving frame hugging a stainless steel interior and several beneficial features. This beautiful model is quiet but makes some noise in terms of its convenient detergent dispenser and available cycles.

Key features

- The Frigidaire FMB330RGS features an adjustable rinse aid dispenser with indicator.
- There are 4 wash cycle options that will adjust the washing force for several levels of dirt.
- The washer has a stainless steel interior that prevents rusting.
- The FMB330RGS makes use of a convection drying system.
- It offers a high temperature wash option.
- It is organized into specialized racks, such as a folding cup shelf and a silverware basket.
- With its UltraQuiet III Sound Insulation Package, it operates with minimal noise.
- Start can be delayed one to three hours prior so washing can be scheduled at a particular time.
- There is a choice between air drying and heat drying, the former for the environment’s sake and the latter for convenience and speed.
- It is encased in a sterile-looking white frame.
- The dishwasher has a 4 level direct feed wash system.
- The particular model can be built into a kitchen.
- The washer has levelling legs.
- The wash cycle options include a plate warming cycle and a rinse only cycle, aside from the force-related wash types.


It looks like your typical home-bound dishwasher with its sterile white looks and sturdy frame. Though not portable, it saves enough space with its 18 inch frame. The consumer will revel in its quiet operation, organized racks, heating options and wash selections. The rinse aid dispenser is meant to make things more convenient for the user. It, in itself, is made easy to use because of the indicator.

The FMB330RGS can tackle heavily-soiled pots and pans, while being gentle on dishes that need only be rinsed. High temperature wash and heat drying may prove to be wasteful on energy, according to some environmentalists, but they do ensure cleanliness and speed.


Being built-in, the consumer should have made plans about where exactly the dishwasher will fit in. If the dishwasher fails, it would be more of a hassle than portable models. Even though it has a small enough frame, the dishwasher can still feel like it is crowding the rest of the kitchen because of its inability to be adjusted to another space. The white color may be associated with cleanliness but it can also be boring.

Consumers’ likes and dislikes


- With 4 wash levels
- From a reputable brand
- Space-saving frame
- Has organized racks
- Durable interior and exterior material
- Offers several beneficial features
- Operates at a minimum noise level
- Cleans well even at a normal setting


- Boring, sterile color and design
- Low performance levels during actual washing
- Does not fit into all kitchens
- Stalling fits in the middle of a cycle

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