Frigidaire - FMB330RGS

The FMB330RGS has a good variety of features that are developed based on the standard quality of a Frigidaire home appliance.

Product overview

One of its important features is its four wash levels. This multi-level washing feature ensures that the plates are washed thoroughly. It also has the 4-Level Direct Feed Wash System, which adds to the efficiency of the washing process.

High Temperature

The High-Temp feature of this dishwasher contributes to the excellent cleaning result, leaving dishes thoroughly clean and germ-free. For a more efficient washing, this kitchen appliance features the Adjustable Rinse Aid Dispenser with Indicator. So instead of waiting and watching over the cycle, users can use their time doing other household chores.

Convection Drying System

This model also has the Convection Drying System, which makes drying faster and well done. To make everything easier and done faster, this dishwashing unit is designed with built-in detergent dispenser.


In terms of durability, this model from Frigidaire can compete with other heavy-duty dishwashers. It is built with a stainless steel interior, which proves to be long-lasting. On top of these, this unit also has the UltraQuiet III Sound Insulation Package, which makes dishwashing as quiet as possible. Because of its noiseless operation, it is ideal to be installed in any kitchen.

Unlike other bulky dishwashers, this unit is a space saver with its 18" design. With its compact size, consumers won't have problems installing this in their kitchen, even if they have a small one.

Other accessories

Other features and accessories of this dishwasher includes the cup shelf, deluxe lower rack, deluxe silverware basket, deluxe upper rack, ball-tip tines, and nylon rack. It also has control options for different types of washing. These include delicate, heavy wash, normal wash,light wash, plate warmer, and rinse only.


For some consumers, the most important advantage of using Frigidaire's FMB330RGC is its cleaning system, which according to them, is highly dependable. The system includes four wash levels and multi-level direct wash system, which are responsible for the thorough cleaning of the dishes.

For others, the size of the dishwasher is its major advantage. According to them, the 18" size of the dishwasher makes it a good companion for most households, especially for homes with small kitchens. Consumers also enjoy using the various options for washing. For instance, there is a control for cleaning light and delicate types of dishes such as stemware and china.

There is also a control setting for heavy washing. Another feature that many people like about this dishwasher is its sound damping system.

Noiseless operation for some users mean being able to entertain guests right after dinner or having a quiet time relaxing in the den while waiting for the machine to do its thing. Added features such as the detergent dispenser, dryer, and various dish washing racks add to the value of this model.


If there are some advantages in using this particular unit, there are also disadvantages by some users. For one, this appliance is more expensive compared to other brands of dishwashers.

It is a bit pricey, considering its size. Aside from the price, some consumers think that the size of this dishwasher is also a bit disappointing.

According to some consumers, it would be more efficient if the dishwasher has a size that would accommodate more loads of plates and other kitchenware.

Another limitation of this model is that it lacks choices for design and color. Although there are consumers who do not pay much attention to style when it comes to kitchen appliances, contemporary home settings take pride in their kitchen interiors.

Final thought

This dishwashing unit does a fine job at cleaning different types of dishes. Although it has a smaller body frame, it is ideal for homes with cramped kitchen spaces.

This dishwasher is also best for families who are just starting out. It offers the basic and takes the burden off the users' shoulders. All in all, it is still a good dishwasher despite its limited features.

Consumer likes:

* 4-Level Direct Feed Wash System
* space-saving 18" design
* UltraQuiet IIIā„¢ Sound Insulation Package
* Convection Drying System
* detergent dispenser
* portable
* good drying system
* leveling legs
* stainless steel interior

Consumer dislikes:

* more expensive than other models
* has small size, therefore, small capacity
* limited choices for colors and designs

Comments for Frigidaire - FMB330RGS

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Apr 08, 2010
Doesn't work like it should
by: Katie A.

I'm extremely disappointed. It takes me a lot of time and effort just to get clean dishes out of this ridiculous dishwasher and I do not recommend you even consider buying one.

It has never really cleaned my dishes. It's nearly new. I have had it for 1.5 years and only use it part time at my cabin. Not daily use. I have to hand wash before loading the dishes and then rinse or rewash after the dishes are "clean". It's kind of funny -- but not really. Now the detergent doesn't even dispense. It just hardens in the dispenser and I have to chip it out.

The troubleshooting manual is interesting. Every issue it addresses blames either the detergent, the water or me. I need to understand that this dishwasher is a delicate high-maintenance princess that needs a lot of attention, effort and ideal conditions before she can be expected to work.

Automatic dishwashers aren't new technology. Frigidaire is not a start-up. So what's the big deal about making a dishwasher that cleans dishes and doesn't involve me at all? How hard can it be?

For comparison, I have an 18" Danby at my full time home. Have had it for about 6 years. I use it 3x as often as the Frigidaire and it is much older. But it works properly and reliably to clean my dishes. Every time. Not one problem, issue or need for any kind of special treatment or special conditions.

The Frigidaire looks nice -- stainless and so on. I have been asked about many times and many times I have replied, "It doesn't work. Don't get one."

So, my advice is "It doesn't work. Don't get one."

Katie A. (I am a real person)

Apr 07, 2010
Love it!
by: Nina

I recently moved into a co-op and my apartment is not very big but it is comfortable for 2. My kitchen is tiny so there is not much room for anything which is why we have the 18" Frigidaire dishwasher.

I got tired of constantly doing the dishes, I'm very particular about cleaning and I like doing everything by hand. But I started using my dishwasher and I couldn't be happier, it's not huge so it doesn't take up a lot of space and it is very quick since it does not use much water.

The dishes always come out completely clean and completely dry. It does not require much soap and between the both of us I only have to run it once every two days.

I would definitely recommend this dishwasher to any couple or household of 2. It saves so much time and money and it is a huge space saver. It is very reliable. It has never once broke down on me.

The dishwasher I use at work is too big for the family it is in. It never gets completely full and they find themselves running it with just a few things in it. It is a stainless steel Bosch. Although it is very appealing to the eye it is not very practical because it also takes forever for one cycle to be done.

Also, there have been plenty times when I have unloaded the machine and there has been some food residue left on dishes and glasses. The energy and water that this huge machine wastes is pointless.

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