Frigidaire FMP330RGB 18 inch Portable Black Dishwasher

The Frigidaire FMP330RGB is a portable dishwasher that measures a mere 18 inches, allowing for tight fits. Its sleek, black exterior encases a feature-filled machine that provides consumers choices among 4 wash levels and 4 cycles. Equipped with all sorts of convenient features, such as a detergent dispenser and its very own convertible design, it looks even better with its affordable price.

Key features

- It is portable and small, fitting into small places.
- It has four wash cycles and four wash levels.
- The machine can clean the dirtiest dishes but can be gentle enough for not-so-soiled dishes.
- It is attractive, boasting a shiny black exterior.
- Its top and cabinet are color-coordinated.
- The machine makes use of Frigidaire’s trademark sound insulation package, which makes operation quiet for a dishwasher.
- Comes with detergent dispenser to avoid a mess.
- There is an option between heat drying and air drying.
- It has a well-organized rack system for something quite small.
- It has a plate warmer cycle.
- The machine’s upper rack and nylon rack are customizable.
- It has a silverware basket and champagne glass holders.
- The washer has a sturdy frame and a stainless steel interior, which does not easily rust.


The Frigidaire FMP330RGB is a good portable dishwasher, fitting into tight spaces in a busy kitchen. Consumers do not have to have their kitchens renovated just to fit the said dishwasher. The washer is not even as expensive as some of the other Frigidaire offerings. This relatively affordable dishwasher model is even good on the eyes, with its sleek, modern exterior. The interior is not bad either, boasting stainless steel material. Consumers will be happy to own one unit of this quiet machine, which also offers so much more in terms of features. The features make using the machine easy and hassle-free, with focus on customization and options.


Unfortunately, the design is not compatible with every consumer’s needs. The rack design does not accommodate all sorts of washable cutleries, plates and the like. The price is also not easy on the pockets. Though an improvement on the other models in terms of price, some buyers may still think that this is a bit pricey. For a product that is deemed by some to present poor design, the cost is further highlighted as unreasonable.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Portability and small size makes kitchen adjustments easy
- Boasts of attractive, modern design
- Relatively quiet
- Made of sturdy, high-quality materials
- Offers several wash options
- Offers rack customization
- Has many features
- Has an automatic detergent dispenser
- Provides 4 wash levels
- Provides specialized racks or containers
- From a reputable brand


- Still quite expensive
- Poor rack design
- Can accommodate only some sizes and shapes in the racks
- Water hoses and electric cord depend on friction to keep them in place

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