Frigidaire FMP330RGS 18 inch Portable White Dishwasher

Frigidaire FMP330RGS is portable and space-saving, imaginably quite the literal lightweight. However, it is not a lightweight when it comes to features such as its washing options and ultra-quiet design. The feature-packed appliance has a sleek black and white finish that makes it an attractive addition to any kitchen.

Key features

- The Frigidaire FMP330RGS?s portability and 18? size wins it points as it makes it easy to fit into most kitchen spaces.
- It possesses a stainless steel interior, which makes cleaning and maintenance easier.
- The washer has a variable delay start to make scheduled washing possible.
- It makes use of a trademark sound package, enabling it to operate with minimal noise.
- It has a sleek, black and white laminated finish.
- The washer makes use of a Direct Feed Wash system.
- There is a High Temperature Wash Option.
- The washer makes use of a typical silverware basket.
- It has nylon-covered upper and lower racks.
- It presents an option of heat or no heat for drying the dishes.
- It has a static vent drying system.
- It has four washing cycles.
- The Frigidaire FMP330RGS?s filter must be cleaned manually.
- The washer has light cycles but can also accommodate the washing of pots and pans.
- It saves energy through Energy Star.


The Frigidaire FMP330RGS has all the features that are usually expected in a good dishwasher. The outstanding feature that most people can remember is its portability. The washer can be easily moved around and fitted into a small space. Consumers can also feel guilt-free with this Energy Star approved appliance, a must in a more environmentally-friendly society. The washer can accommodate many sizes for such a small size. The FMP330RGS is quiet and attractive, with an interior and exterior that is laminated and easy to clean and maintain. At least, the consumer does not need to re-arrange the kitchen when setting up this dishwasher.


The problem with the FMP330RGS may also lie in its main benefit. Being portable and small, it cannot accommodate the bigger pots and pans inside. So, consumers may have to use their bare hands on items that need more machine strength. The model, coming from the Frigidaire brand, is also more expensive than other similar machines.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- The washer is portable and small
- It has double racks that are handy to use
- It is a good-looking machine
- Provides options in terms of using heat for drying or not
- It is an Energy Star certified product
- It can accommodate a lot for a dishwasher its size
- Does not need a lot of storage space
- From a reliable brand
- Durable and compact
- Relatively quiet compared to other dishwashers
- Competent cleaning; no food or scum left on the dishes
- Has four wash cycles


- A bit expensive because of the brand name
- Cannot accommodate the biggest pots and pans

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