FRIGIDAIRE FMP330RGS 18" Portable Dishwasher

The FMP330RGB is one alternative by Frigidaire for varied household needs. It also has the upgrades from the previous models to provide not only a thorough washing system but also ease and comfort when used.

Product overview

With a size dimension of 38.5" (height), 20.5" (weight), and 30" (depth), Frigidaire's FMP330RGB is portable and space-saving. The portability of this model makes it ideal to be installed even in homes with small kitchen spaces.

Cleaning System

The cleaning system of this unit is also powered by its two (2) wash levels to provide a more satisfying cleaning result. It also has the 4-Level Direct Feed Wash System, which adds to the efficiency of the cleaning process.

Drying System

The drying system of this model includes drying types such as the economy/air drying and heated drying. Both features ensure that the plates and other kitchenware are dried thoroughly. In addition to this, it also has the adjustable rinse aid dispenser with indicator.

Build and durability

This feature signals the user when the rinsing is done. With a built-in detergent dispenser, this model is easy to use. This dishwasher also has a stainless steel interior to add to its durability. This washer is also easy to install because aside from its small size, it also has leveling legs.

Other features

Other features include the variable delay start and high-temp wash option. This model comes in black and white colors. Like the other dishwashing units of Frigidaire, this one has the UltraQuiet III System to ensure that the cleaning process is done without any disturbing noise. Other useful features of this dishwasher are its removable filter trap and upper rack-cup shelf.


Some consumers believe that the features of Frigidaire's FMP330RGB make this kitchen equipment one of the better models in the market. A good number considers the the UltraQuiet feature of this model to be part of its convenience.


The silent operation of this dishwasher makes it a good kitchen companion for most homeowners, according to some consumers. Some also say that the drying system of this model is impressive. With its economy/air drying and heated drying system, the drying of plates and kitchenware is made fast and easy.


For some consumers, the black and white colors of the equipment add elegance to the kitchen area. The size and the leveling legs of the equipment make this appliance portable and easy to install. Because of its size, it won't take up a big space in the kitchen. This also makes the FMP330RGB stackable.


This model can be moved easily around the room. It has a stainless steel interior, which makes it durable and long-lasting. So even if consumers buy this item at a not so low price, this could prove to be less costly in the long run, sparing them from buying a new dishwasher every year.


For many consumers, this model lacks some essential features that could make it an ideal dishwasher to be used at home. For one, it does not have a food disposer, which could have made the washing of dishes more efficient.


It does not also have a big tub design that would be able to accommodate more dishes in just a single load. The control type of this dishwasher is not advanced because it is still manually operated.

Two wash levels

The frame and overall design is also not as attractive and eye-catching as other models and units from other brands. The two wash levels of this washer are also not that impressive. There are other models that can provide consumers with four or more wash levels to choose from for different types of cookware, kitchen utensils, and dinnerware.

Final thought

This unit from Frigidaire has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is not suited for all types of dishwashing needs. For consumers who prefer small, portable, and space-saving kitchen appliance, this model exceeds the qualifications.

However, for consumers who believe that the variety of style and features are more important, then they better look for other models.

Consumer likes:
* has 2 wash levels
* comes with adjustable rinse aid dispenser w/ indicator
* has detergent dispenser
* has leveling legs
* built with stainless steel interior
* features 4-Level Direct Feed Wash System
* space-saving 18" design
* developed with UltraQuiet III™ Sound Insulation Package
* portable
Consumer dislikes:
* limited loading capacity
* small wash tub
* manual control
* does not have food disposer
* lacks other more advanced features

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Apr 07, 2010
Highly recommend!
by: Bob Maghee

The Frigidaire is a very good dishwasher to own. It is very efficient at getting all types of dishes and pans clean without damaging them. It is very simple to operate with clean buttons on the outside, so all ages can figure out how to run cycle on it if needed.

It only takes about an hour or two for a cycle to run through. It is also portable so you don’t have it permanently installed in your kitchen and you can move it around wherever you want. This dishwasher can a hold a lot of dishes and pans at the same time, so it saves you money not only on water put on dish detergent. It is also a very versatile dishwasher as you can remove various parts inside the dishwasher to make more room for other dishes.

You can take out the basket that holds the utensils if you need to put more dishes in the washer.

The washer is very quiet when running on cycles, so you don’t have to worry about having a loud racket while your dishes are being cleaned. This dishwasher is very affordable at only about five hundred bucks and it is worth every penny.

I recommend getting this dishwasher if you are in need of a reliable dishwasher.

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