Frigidaire FPHD2481KF Stainless Steel Professional 24 inch Built-In Dishwasher

If there is just one word to describe the Frigidaire FPHD2481KF, it would be powerful. The dishwasher model is deserving of the descriptive word because it is saturated with features that make washing the dishes convenient and easy. With 7 wash cycles and 5 wash levels, there are a lot of things that can be done with this washer.

Key features

- The Frigidaire FPHD2481KF provides 7 wash cycles and 5 wash levels as options.
- It boasts of a PowerPlus Cycle, which can handle the heaviest dish loads and soils.
- The dishwasher has professional dish racks.
- It makes use of energy saver features.
- It is protected by a stay-put door; the user is also protected by this feature.
- It has a tall tub design.
- The dishwasher’s rack is compartmentalized; it even has a knife organizer.
- The delay start can operate from 1 to 24 hours. Consumers can then schedule the wash long before the actual operation.
- The features are user-friendly.
- The makes use of a large silverware basket.
- It has a low-rinse aid indicator.
- It makes use of Aqua-Surge Technology.
- There is an option to dry dishes with or without heat.
- There is an option to wash the dishes at a high temperature.
- The frame, interior and even the solid food disposer are made of stainless steel, to avoid rusting.


The Frigidaire FPHD2481KF is riding on a feature-filled design. The consumer can do so much with this powerful machine. The dishwasher model can wash the heaviest and scummiest dishes while managing to be gentle on fragile China or crystal. It does its operation quietly, compared to other powerful models. It also performs the operation while sucking in lower than expected energy. There are so many features and options that can customize the whole experience. The options are easy enough to access, through user-friendly buttons. The dishwasher makes space for all sorts of dish loads. It is highly programmable and able to wash the dishes on a schedule.


This dishwasher is large enough to accommodate all sorts of pots, pans and the like, the lower rack is not as gifted in the size department. This means that there are still some items that may not be able to fit. Also, being a fully integrated dishwasher, it can be difficult it to completely match other kitchen appliances. There must be a lot of planning done prior to the actual purchase.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Value for your money
- Full of helpful features
- Quiet operation at all cycles
- Is highly programmable
- Organized/compartmentalized racks
- User-friendly
- Saves energy
- Offers several usage options
- Stainless steel frame and interior to stay rust-free
- Offered by reputable brand
- High-performance/powerful
- Convenient design
- Hidden controls and child-lock to avoid accidents with kids


- Expensive
- Small lower rack
- Difficult to match with whole kitchen because of being fully integrated

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