Frigidaire FPHD2491KF 24 inch Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher

A built-in dishwasher with a heavy price tag, the Frigidaire FPHD2491KF makes it up with professional features that may not be found in the average dishwasher. It is equipped with touch screen and a special door that can be opened at several angles. It is also highly programmable and can wash heavily soiled dishes with no problem.

Key features

- This dishwasher can wash the heaviest loads at very minimal noise. It is considered to be the quietest of its kind.
- The dishwasher provides options of 6 wash cycles, one of which is an energy-saving cycle.
- It has a Power Wash Cycle, which handles the heaviest loads with the heaviest dirt.
- It has a 5 level wash system.
- It also has a gentle cycle, especially designed for China and crystal.
- The washer's dish racks are of professional quality.
- It has a stay-put door, no matter what angle is used for opening.
- It makes use of a removable stainless steel filter.
- There is an option to dry the dishes with heat or with no heat.
- The dishwasher has an intelligent rack design; there are specialized spaces for cups, dishes and more while combining these spaces in a space-saving frame.
- It has an easy to use control panel and touch screen buttons.
- The FPHD2491KF has a child-proof lock for everyone?s safety; door cannot be opened during operation.
- It includes a stainless steel food disposer.
- It makes use of a tall tub design.


The Frigidaire FPHD2491KF boasts of a professional design laden with many modern features. The design of the visible frame and interior is sophisticated and space-saving. The machine also saves energy even if it can take heavy loads and heavy soils.

It is a good-looking addition to any kitchen, with its touch screen buttons, control panel and stainless steel interior. It offers several options in terms of wash cycles and wash levels. So, it can thoroughly wash the toughest scum while also making sure to be gentle on fragile objects, such as China and crystal. A washing cycle is quiet, too.


Being built-in, it has a certain finality to it. The consumer must be sure that he or she wants this particular model because it has to be fitted and customized into his or her kitchen. Having it repaired or replaced can be quite a hassle. The professional features that this dishwasher offers also come with a heavy price tag, something that some consumers do not really like.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Easy to Use
- Modern design
- Space-saving frame and rack design
- Has touch screen buttons
- Saves energy
- Has several options in terms of cycle and wash level
- Quiet operation
- Offered by reputable brand


- Quite expensive
- Soap dispenser door sticks while normal-sized dishes are being washed
- Rack portioning complaints
- Weird-looking frame
- Does not install flush to the front of door

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