Frigidaire Gallery 24 inch FGBD2432KF Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher

The Frigidaire FGBD2432KF is a 24” gallery built in dishwasher with superior performance. Its dimensions (24”W x 33 ½”H x 25” D) allow the machine to fit into any kitchen space. The dishwasher body is made from quality stainless steel and comes in both black and white.

Key features

- The FGBD2432KF Dishwasher has been designed to give you efficiency plus peace and quiet. It is the "quietest dishwasher in its class."
- It provides you with the “Effortless Dry” technology that allows you to stack your dirty dishes in the preset racks for ease in cleaning.
- The machine is made from quality stainless steel that allows less smudging and easier cleaning.
- The FGBD2432KF Dishwasher is also equipped with “DishSense” technology that allows the machine to sense cleaning cycles based on your needs.
- The dishwasher comes with multiple cycles that fit your dishwashing needs – Top Rinse, Rinse Only and Heavy Wash.


The FGBD2432KF Dishwasher operates both efficiently and quietly. Frigidaire boasts that it is the quietest dishwasher in its class with only 54 decibels while operating. Dishwashing has never been easier with the Frigidaire FGBD2432KF dishwasher because of its Effortless Dry and DishSense features.

The machine is easy to manage with its pull latch door and tall tub. It also has a built-in food dispenser that makes it easier to dispose of food scraps. You can also utilize the maximum amount of dishes as indicated in the load capacity and you can also use just the top rack.

The FGBD2432KF Dishwasher has an Energy Star certification so you are sure to have an energy efficient appliance. The machine also comes with security features such as the control lock, to avoid accidents. Parts and accessories are easily available and can also be found over trusted Internet sites. The brand also has an official website. The manual and installation guide is also available over the Internet for easy access.


Being built-in, the dishwasher must fit in preset kitchen counter specifications. Also, the Dishsense technology may not work as accurately as you would like. The washer is not as efficient when you stack the maximum amount of dishes. The machine utilizes about 4.9-8.5 gallons per wash. The rinse only feature seems inadequate especially when a number of dishes are stacked within the racks.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Energy saving with certification from Energy Star
- Operates quietly. Control panel is easy to use
- Hot water wash available with drying system for easy and quick dish wash
- Stainless steel body makes it easy to clean and less prone to dirt
- Offers multiple cleaning cycles to fit all cleaning needs. Also has rinse only feature
- Has a built in food dispenser that is easy to remove


- Inaccurate sensor for automatic dish wash cycle
- Not as efficient with maximum dish load
- Water usage is 5 – 9 gallons per wash
- Rinse feature seems inadequate and still leaves grease or dirt on the dishes

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