Frigidaire Gallery 24 inch FGBD2432KW White Built-In Dishwasher

Equipped with sensors that help you choose the right cycle for your cleaning requirements and featuring an excellent drying performance, the FGBD2432KW dishwasher from Frigidaire gives you the best value for your money. With 4 wash cycles, 5 wash levels, low-rinse aid indicator, Express-Select controls, and durable construction, this dishwasher is the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Key features

- The 4 wash cycles allow you to choose the best dishwashing option for your cleaning needs.
- The 5 wash levels assure you the best dishwashing performance for your kitchen essentials.
- The Express-Select Controls make this dishwasher simple to use.
- The digital display on a sleek control panel gives you easy visibility and gives the dishwasher a modern look.
- It features a space-saving design with an upper rack, fold-down tines, 2 cup shelves, and stemware holders.
- The Heat/No Heat Dry feature gives superior drying performance.
- The Delay Start feature gives you the choice to time your dishwashing procedure at your convenience.
- ENERGY STAR-certified, the unit promotes savings on energy consumption.
- The NSF International Certification assures you of a product that has excellent quality.


This dishwasher is able to deliver outstanding cleaning performance, especially with its 4 wash cycles, 5 wash levels, and low rinse-aid indicator. It also comes in a modern and attractive design, with updated features such as Express-Select controls, digital display, slimline control panel, tall tub design, and a crisp white interior. This dishwasher will not only perform up to standards, but it will look great in your kitchen as well.

This dishwasher also features a space-saving interior so you can load more items in one diswashing operation, allowing you to save on time. It has an upper rack and a separate holder for stemware and other delicate items. The control lock makes sure that the dishwasher is safe and secure during operation.

This dishwasher from Frigidaire is also considered to be the quietest among its peers, with none of the loud noise and rattle that is pretty common with other models or brands of dishwashers. Its Effortless Dry feature also makes sure that you get the best drying performance from this dishwasher so your plates are not only clean, but thoughly dried as well. And with its Dish Sense Technology, where sensors select the right cycle for you, cleaning your kitchen essentials, from plates to pots and trays, is never a challenge.


One disadvantage to the FGBD2432KW dishwasher is that it is prone to loud motor rattle, especially as the wash cycle progresses. One consumer has complained how their dishwasher began emitting loud motor noises during the 4th or 5th cycle. Also, there have been some complaints with the stainless steel filter.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- 5 wash levels and 4 wash cycles
- easy-to-use express select controls
- tall tub design and white interior
- features space-wise interior design
- delay start option
- complete drying system
- control lock feature
- NSF International-certified


- loud motor rattle
- motor noise worsens as the cycle progresses
- filter not working as expected

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Dec 28, 2012
quality going down
by: Anonymous

we replaced our previous Frigidaire dishwasher (which lasted 8 years) with a new one (same model) about a month ago.

After one week I broke the plastic arm underneath the main tray when I accidentally dropped a plate on it from about 6" away.

Having had the same dishwasher prior to this one, I am able to say that the quality is very cheap on this new model, and do not feel this would have broken on the previous dishwasher.

I called Frigidaire and they sent me a new plastic piece for $18 plus $8 s/h. It was my fault, so they will not cover it. Fine. Still cheap junk, would never have happened if they were built to last.

I anticipate that this dishwasher will have more things breaking and will likely be replaced sooner than the previous model. (I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think so).

Before you consider buying this model, I would urge you to feel the plastic arm underneath the main rack. That should be enough to show you the standard of quality currently acceptable to this company.

Dec 18, 2010
A big disappointment
by: Anonymous

When our maytag dishwasher needed replacing we bought the Frigidaire because it was instock and the Maytag model would need to be ordered.

I wish we had waited and ordered the Maytag. The Frigidaire has been nothing but a headache since we bought it. It is has a loud motor, the interior space is smaller than our previous dishwasher which means doing more loads, and the soap door repeatedly refuses to open during the wash cycle.

Unfortunately we are very disappointed and will be going back to the Maytag brand.

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