Frigidaire Gallery FGBD2451KB Full Console Dishwasher

The Frigidaire Gallery FGBD2451KB is an affordable built-in dishwasher boasting top of the line features. It comes in an attractive, sleek black color and a clean GraniteGrey (TM) interior.

Five wash cycles- Upper Rack Only, Rinse Only, Light, Normal, and Heavy- allow this dishwasher to handle most of your cleaning needs. A premium rack system with a 14 place setting capacity, together with its Tall Tub design, make this dishwasher ideal for washing large loads.

Key features

- The SpaceWise (TM) organization system really maximizes the FGDB2451KB's capacity. Aside from the previously mentioned rack and Tall Tub, this dishwasher also has a silverware basket capable of holding more than 180 items. The upper rack is adjustable, letting you make room for items of whatever shape or size. There are 2 cup shelves with stemware holders to keep your glasses secure. A utensil tray as well as a lower rack with 2 full row fold down tines keeps everything organized.
- With five wash cycles and five wash levels backed up by DishSense (TM) technology, the FGBD2451KB makes cleaning your dishes easy and hassle free. DishSense (TM) automatically selects the most efficient cleaning cycle for each load. You can further change the washing pressure if you wish thanks to AquaSurge (TM) technology. There's also a Hi-Temp wash option to sterilize your kitchenware.
- Industry standard tests have shown the FGBD2451KB to have "the best drying performance in its class" thanks to Effortless (TM) Dry. For the environmentally conscious and budget minded, you can choose between Heat or No Heat Dry to save on energy consumption.
- The removable filter and hard food disposer are made of durable stainless steel.
- This dishwasher features 1-24 hour Delay Start, letting you set wash cycles up to a day in advance. Dishwashing is now a convenient chore that can easily fit into anyone's hectic schedule.
- A slimline control panel with Express-Select (TM) controls make the FGBD2451KB very easy to use.
- The pull latch, Stay-Put door and control locks prevent leaks and accidents.
- You're assured of an energy efficient appliance with the Energy Star seal.


Customers find this dishwasher to give great value for money. It meets buyers' expectations when it comes to cleaning performance, efficiently and thoroughly washing all sorts of items. Users found the dishwasher's drying capability to match the manufacturer's claim, with kitchenware coming out perfectly dry and glasses spotless.

Another feature that buyers enjoy is its large capacity and versatility, allowing them to fit in large items with small, delicate ones in the same load. Customers rated this dishwasher to be very quiet during operation. They find the modern design attractive as well.


The interior of the FGBD2451KB is plastic, which may disappoint buyers looking for a more durable stainless steel interior. Other similarly priced Frigidaire dishwashers have more wash cycles and other washing options.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Great cleaning and drying performance
- Large capacity
- Versatility
- Quiet operation
- Well-designed, pleasing exterior
- Value for money


- Interior made of plastic
- Less wash cycles than other models

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