Frigidaire Gallery Series FGBD2451KW Full Console Dishwasher

A high quality dishwasher from Frigidaire, this model is available in white and is the perfect addition for any stylish kitchen. If you want a dishwasher model that offers high washing performance along with a variety of useful feature, check out this article and learn more about Frigidaire's FGBD2451KW dishwasher.

Key features

- This machine is available in a stylish white finish.
- Considered as one of the quietest models in its class.
- It uses the Effortlessly Dry feature for excellent drying performance.
- If you want a unit that can comfortably accommodate a variety of untensils, this machine's SpaceWise Organization System allows you to fit in utensils in different shapes and sizes.
- The unit includes a very spacious silverware basket.
- Through the DishSense technology, this model automatically selects the most appropriate washing cycle for your needs.
- The machine also features Express-Select controls.
- Because of its various cycle options, keeping your utensils squeaky clean is hassle-free.
- The upper dish rack is highly adjustable.
- The dishwasher offers a delay start feature, allowing you to adjust your dishwashing cycles based on your busy schedule.
- The low-rinse aid indicator makes dishwashing an easier process.
- Through the AquaSurge technology, you can easily adjust the washing pressure depending on your load.


This machine is available in a chic white finish, making it a stylish addition to your kitchen. And because it uses superior technology when it comes to noise insulation, you can enjoy a quiet operation when using this dishwasher.

Through the machine's Effortlessly Dry feature, making sure that your utensils are thoroughly dried becomes easier and hassle-free. For households that use a variety of utensils and oddly shaped cooking tools, this machine offers a SpaceWise Organization System that allows you to fit in your utensils through its easily adjustable racks.

The spacious silverware basket also consists of multiple compartments. As a matter of fact, more than 180 items can be comfortably fitted inside the silverware basket. If you want a feature that can help you save on water consumption, the DishSense and AquaSurge technology helps you figure out the most appropriate wash cycle and washing pressure so you don't waste on water. The electronic controls are very easy to use, even if you're a first-time buyer.


Despite the model's features, some buyers have complained that this model becomes noisy after months of use. Some buyers have also found the white finish to be restricting and boring.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Offers quiet operation through its noise insulation features
- Uses DishSense technology
- Also uses AquaSurge technology
- The electronic controls are very easy to use and understand
- Offers various wash cycle options
- Has a delay start feature
- Uses a SpaceWise Organization System
- Can handle plenty of items through its spacious silverware basket
- Has a low rinse aid indicator


- Becomes noisy after months of use
- The white finish can be restrictive and boring for some buyers

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