Frigidaire Model # FDB510LCB2

by Sebrina Collins
(Clarkrange, TN)

This dishwasher is an under the counter type dishwasher that needs installation and a permanent water source. This model of dishwasher is obsolete because it has knobs that require turning instead of push button or digital options. This does not take away from the sleek style of a mirrored black front or the options to choose from to best suit your needs.

It has and on/off switch for high temperature water and on/off switch for a heated dry. On the knob to begin the wash cycle there is rinse, delay start, heavy wash, normal wash, light wash and drying. The inside of the system include two pull out racks with a silverware container to fit on the bottom rack. It has a place to add jet dry or any other kind of rinse agent you might like.

It has 2 places for dishwasher detergent. The main on is on hinges and is to be closed before starting the washer and the second one is open used when the selection of a heavy wash is made. It has two rinse arms to cover both racks as well as a spray nozzle on the very top to insure maximum clean on the very top rack.

It has two removable filter to keep the inside clean and easily filtered. This dishwasher performs very well no matter which stage you choose or which type of detergent is best suited for the user. It does an adequate job of washing and drying the dishes.

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Jan 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

Trust me those knobs you are calling obsolete are preferred. they don't go bad like those electronic circuit boards do. At least very seldom do you have problems with the knob style controls. Control panels for the electronic ones are spendy and need replaced all too often.

Apr 09, 2009
Quiet and cleans really well
by: Melissa

This dishwasher was already installed in our house when we purchased it. In using it, we have found that it is a really nice dishwasher and we are happy with it. It is white, so that was a nice plus because the stove and refrigerator where also white and they all match perfectly. The previous owners left us the owner's manual, so we were able to find out more about the features it has.

This dishwasher has what is called a "precision wash system." This is what makes it so quiet. Our living room, dining room and kitchen are all one big open space. This dishwasher is so quiet that we can watch TV and don't have to turn the volume up over the sound of the dishwasher. That is a really big plus. It has a self cleaning filter. It has several cycles for whatever your needs are for that particular load of dishes. It has a pots and pans cycle, a normal wash, light wash/china wash, a wash just for glasses, rinse and hold, drying, and a plate warmer. It has the option for a high temp wash and rinse as well as a heated dry. All three of those options can be used or not used. It has a 1-3 hour delay start as well.

One of the coolest things about this dishwasher is the plate warmer option. You can put your dinner plates or serving platters in the dishwasher before supper and warm them so you can serve your dinner on a warm plate and not a cold plate. The rinse and hold option is nice because it you can load the dishwasher and set it on this cycle and it will rinse your dishes to keep the food soft for washing later.

I would definitely recommend this dishwasher. It has a lot of washing options, it is quiet and it cleans the dishes really well. I don’t even have to use a rinse aid because the dishes come out perfect every time.

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