Frigidaire model LGBD2432LQ0B

by Phil
(Ocala, Florida)

I recently retired and purchase a home in Florida. One of the "pluses" was that the owner had just replaced the dishwasher less then 2 years prior.

Sadly it started to leak and upon research discover that this is due to the bottom gasket and/or the 2 side splash shields. The side shields was torn due to the wheel on the bottom rack running over it each time you pull the tray in and out to load dishes. I contacted Frigidaire customer service and describe my problem and asked if they would send me the gaskets for free and I will replace them myself.

They told me two things: No, the unit is out of warranty,and, being a second owner, the warranty does not even extend to me. I explained that many home owners would upgrade their kitchen including new appliances before selling their home so this being the case, the new home owners (like myself)would be left with no warranty on their fairly new appliances.

Frigidaire stood by their original decision.

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