Frigidaire PLD4555RFC

by LB
(Glenmoore pa )

We bought this for two reasons. Stainless steel and the silent design package. We must have two different opinions of what silent means. We would have rather spent more and had it be silent as stated. It is quieter than some other dishwasher but it isn't close to being silent.

I emailed Frigidaire and have not heard a response. Wish we would hear something from them as maybe it is defective. Out new Frigidaire stove is supposed to come on Saturday. I am thinking of canceling the order. Very disappointed.

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Aug 25, 2011
Very bad dishwasher
by: Daniel

The Frigidaire PLD4555RFC was "silent" for about 3 months, then was as loud as any dishwasher we've ever owned. Within 5 months, steam started to escape through the door and damaged our cupboards; then it started to leak. The "repairman" came in and installed as "leak-proofing kit" but we had to pay for it. Now the dishwasher is about 3 years old and the control board (the computer) is broken. I will never buy a FRIGIDAIRE again.

Feb 14, 2011
by: Amy Gagnon

BUYER BEWARE!!! We have had this dishwasher for a little under 3 years and have had nothing but problems with it. We don't have hard water, the water pressure if strong, the water temperature is fine, none of the rotary blades are obstructed, the soap door is not obstructed, and we use name brand dish soap.

From the beginning, we noticed that the dishes never came out clean. I would have to pre-wash them with Dawn in the sink first, then load them into the dishwasher. After running the dishes through the normal cycle, there would be a soapy residue all over them. It seems as if the arms aren't spinning very well, or if at all.

Recently (in the past five or six months), the soap dispenser is just dumping out the soap, and not getting mixed around the dishwasher. We now have to run the dishwasher twice, and we still don't feel that the soap is being mixed around, or that the dishes have been cleaned.

This makes a nice drying rack for your dishes, as I feel that the dishes come out much cleaner if I just wash them in the sink with Dawn and use the dishwasher as a drying rack!!!

I phoned Electrolux/Frigidaire and the best they could do was tell me that they would pay for the replacement parts (but not the service technician, which will probably cost from $200 to $300). Please note, this was only offered to me when I kept insisting that I was going to write complaints on every appliance site.

Feb 14, 2011
Newer is not better
by: Wanda

Run fast, and run far. We had our builder grade loud dishwasher for 19 years. It was cheap, loud, cleaned the dishes well, stacked well and didn't need one penny of service in 19 years. When the dishwasher began to leak, it wasn't worth fixing it, and I wanted something a bit quieter. Yup - got it. A quieter dishwasher that needs servicing way too much. It's horrible to stack on the top as the bowls don't stay upright - but rather fall over or roll to the sides or don't get clean if you stack close together and "hold them in" with glasses or other things along the side. I do like the bottom and the silverware caddy as it's nice and big. Guess not only did we have to drop hundreds of dollars to buy it, we're now dropping lots more to get a warranty because this dishwasher will no doubt last us or be able to make it a year with no service. Stick with Frigidaire other appliances, but RUN from their dishwashers. There are better manufactureres out there for sure. Newer is NOT better. Believe me.

Feb 11, 2011
Control board
by: Anonymous

Wait till the control board goes out to....

Nov 01, 2009
where is the customer service?
by: Debby Flowers

We purchased our new Frigidaire Professional Series dishwasher in 2007. The wash motor barrings went out this month and we have had no luck finding a Frigidaire repairman in our area. We found it very difficult communicating with the Frig. customer service as they could not speak English very well. We cannot recommend buying a Frigidaire.

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