Frigidaire Precision 24"

by Logan
(Manassaas, VA)

We have the Frigidaire Precision, with its sole purpose being to rekindle my faith in them. Dirty dishes go in and, for the most part, clean dishes come out. Amazing.

It has a number of features which, listed side by side with my previous dishwasher, seem all the same. They have the same sort of options: High-Temperature Rinse and Wash, a Delay Start function, etc. Even their dish racks are almost identical in description: Deluxe Lower Rack, Deluxe Upper Rack, Premium Silverware Basket. In either case, if someone wants to clue me in on what's deluxe about either washer, I'd love to know.

The Frigidaire's racks certainly hold dishes. One's larger plates must be angled to a certain direction, or they will sit at a poor angle, sometimes, clattering together. Deluxe might give the impression that you can collapse or in some way change the racks, but that is not the case. You are stuck with the same configurations. The upper rack has a layout that I don't entirely understand, with all sorts of different ways for bowls and cups to get full of water. One has to have a sort of jig-puzzle logic in order to line all the dishes up, so that they get actually clean, but once you do, you find you can put a lot of them in there.

Early on, the Precision was a bitter reminder of why I just use a scrub brush. The dishes were coming out looking clean, but to the touch, you'd realize they were covered in near-invisible pieces of food. Mostly inoffensive, and clean by all appearances, but once you fill a glass with something and then grip it, and feel the grit all around it, you suddenly don't feel thirsty anymore. And then I tried with rinse-aid and suddenly, the Frigidaire Precision was as advertised. In some ways, better.

Pots, pans, casserole dishes. With the Pots and Pans heavy cleaning cycle, you could throw in anything, and count on them coming out clean. I've put some dishes I would've soaked all night in my Frigidaire and it hasn't disappointed me, yet.

The Frigidaire is beautifully quiet. In my old apartment, I couldn't run my dishwasher at night, because the thing's rinse cycle shook the whole building, but the sound of water in the house's plumbing is louder than the actual unit. Even on the Pots and Pans setting, it's quite stealthy.

I would say that the controls on most dishwashers are largely meaningless. Most people I know just press start, but with the Precision, those buttons actually have a reason to exist. There are several different washing modes, and they are all perfectly suited to their tasks. From delicate dishes, like my wedding fare, to a chili pot, it gets the job done.

The Frigidaire Precision has an energy-star rating and is noticably efficient. I did some math, got on a website or two and determined that the time and water I use to clean dishes by hand exceeds what the Frigidaire uses, per dish. You have to fill it to capacity to get this, but it definitely works. It's not the youngest machine on the market, but it's definitely one of the better I've ever used, and at 299.99, it was a most acceptable price. Hands down, the best dishwasher I've ever used.

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