Frigidaire Professional 24" Built-In Dishwasher FPHD2491KF

I just want to start off and say that I got this model for $330 with in Delaware with no sales tax. I got it that cheap because it was their last one before the store got all its new models for the season. At that price or the average price of about seven hundred it is a really nice dishwasher.

It is very quiet because they insulated the motor and the back of the unit well. It has “space wise” organization system that allows you to adjust the racks, but I never really adjust them. The manufacturer says that it has the largest silverware basket, but I am not sure if that is only comparing it to their models or all of the other available models on the market.

Either way the silverware basket is plenty large enough to handle large loads. The model is recognized by energy star. The thing I like most is the door. It will stay at any position that you leave it at.

This seems like no big deal but it never slams or drops without you wanting it to. The model I got has a stainless steel front and includes stainless steel interior, but the racks were not stainless steel. However consumer reports say that not having stainless steel racks or interior has no affect on the machines ability to clean.

The machine also has the option for heated dry. I never use this heated dry function because it is a waste of electricity. I can wait a little bit or my clean dishes over night to air dry so that I don’t have to pay for drying my dishes.

- Cost
- Quiet

- Could still be quieter
- No side mounts included

4 out of 5

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Jul 04, 2015
Don't buy frigidaire
by: Diane

Do not buy a frigidare dishwasher my tenants barely used it , and it doesn't drain it is the worst dishwasher, I ever had.

I bought it 2 years ago, And seems they are defective.

If you make the mistake of purchasing it make sure you buy a good warranty, you will need it.
Don't buy any frigidaire Gallery appliance, i also had problems with the refrigerator. After only 3 months, I never had problems with GE or whirlpool appliances.
I will never purchase a frigidaire brand again.

Feb 18, 2015
by: Rake

Well, we had a dishwasher which was similar to this one and as to my mother’s review it is one of the best we could get from the market which is reasonable and is in an economical range.

Nov 03, 2011
major problem pump
by: gaetan vezina

the Frigidaire screen bucket barrier for over size foods has a big opening at the bottom. Consequences, if you let small foods parts on your plate, or if glass broken during the washing cycle, it will block the bump and it is over . You need to uninstall all the dishwasher and open the pump (if it is not broken) and remove the thing that cause the trouble.And after a while it will happen again. This bad design can be improve if you add a plastic screen in bottom of the bucket.But do not say that to the Frigidaire staff, they will stop your warranty. In the user guide , they ask to empty the bucket, but with this opening in the bottom , there is nothing to clean.

Mar 06, 2011
service issues
by: baceballplaer

Bought this in april of 2010. The lights were going dim on the display so they replaced the lights and control board. 3 days later the dishwasher overflowed and would not drain. Company came back out with another control board. Did not solve problem ..They now are ording a new punp and door latch . They have spoke with frigidaire and they are just baffled.....They are just guessing on what is wrong..we will see in a few days...horrible they were supposed to overnight part to me but did not show up on Friday so it will not be delivered until Monady afternoon and service tech back on Tuesday. If it does not work on Tuesday I will ask for new unit. Frigidaire has extwnded my warranty for an additional 6 months

Feb 14, 2011
really quiet
by: Anonymous

Just had this a week, bought from LOWES, was under $600.

It is REALLY QUIET, hardly hear it. Don't need to use heated drying, the stainless interior holds heat and the fan assisted dry works well.

It has a HUGE capacity, the door hinges close to the floor. Upper rack has a height adjustment. There are 3 rotating spray arms.

Cleans well. Controls are nice, you can open door during cycle and see how many minutes are left. Delay start goes up to 24 hours.

Feb 14, 2011
miss the quality old days
by: Teresa

I was excited to be able to purchase a new stainless steel dishwasher after my GE white plastic model of 11yrs. up and died. I decided on the Frigidaire since I liked the features and also the look of the unit. We went to Lowes and they were sold out of this model but they quickly orders us one and we received it within a week. The dishwasher ran well for 3 months until this week. When I turned the machine on it started making a humming noise, I opened the door and reclosed it and the noise went away. At they end of the cycle, I opened the door to find water sitting in the bottom of the unit an water started leaking out onto the floor.

My husband check all the obvious causes but he could not find the problem. We called Lowes and they gave us the number for the CS people of manufactures. I was told to call one of 3 appliance repair companies in my area. The company I called sent a repair man out within 2 days. The repairman stated that the motor that pumps the water out of the dishwasher was broken and it needed to be repaired. I called Lowes and they were not willing to refund us our money ( they claim it was over 90days since we purchased the dishwasher, we bought on the 5th of May and the unit broke on the 10th of Aug.)Lowes, did call the manufacture and tried to get us a new dishwasher but, they had no luck. I decided to call the manufacture myself and ended up getting the run around all morning/afternoon. I was disconnected from the rep. 3x's and I spoke to 4 CS reps. and 3 Supervisors.

I was told that I could not get a new dishwasher nor could I get my money back. They stated that their policy is to replace the defected pump. Apparently, there is a problem with this particle pump that the company is aware of, but they have failed to notify the comsumer. I wish I had know this before I bought this model. I am now waiting to hear back form a supervisor. Why is it that when you purchase a major appliance these days you have no recourse if the thing fails to work?.

I miss the days when you bought a USA made product and it lasted 30 or more years. What has happened to this country....I will never buy another Elextrolux/Frigidaire appliance again. It is their lose since, I'm going to need a new stove and refrigerator in the near future. Please do your research before buying form this company and good luck!!1

Nov 25, 2010
Trouble from the Start!
by: Anonymous

We had this dishwasher installed less than a week ago and the seals around the door have already started to leak. Water all over my newly installed bamboo flooring! It also isn't as quiet as I thought it would be - and we had a very noisy dishwasher before this one. I wish I had read the reviews before I bought this product - the door leaking is a common complaint. I am returning this product and buying a different brand. Don't make my!

Oct 24, 2010
Does not clean very well
by: Bill

Even though we scrape excess food off the plates and run on the longest dishwasher setting, there are always plates or cups that still have food residue on them after washing. We have tried different detergents and have followed all directions in the user manual to no avail.

The design is poor as the plastic clips that secure the top rack to the sliding arm always pop off.

Based on my experience with this model, I do not recommend Frigidaire dishwashers. My old KitchenAid did a much better job.

Oct 21, 2010
Sorry i bought it!
by: Anonymous

Bought it because of the rebates and paid under $500.

Cons: Racks have a terrible design, need to leave spaces between pasta/cereal dishes or I always have a dirty dish. You have to give up 1/4 of the dishwasher for a bowl.
Do not fit as many cups/glasses as I used to with my old Whirlpool.
Forget about cleaning pots and pans, they will be dirty unless you scub them first!

Pros: Extremely quiet, good quality stainless steel exterior.

Apr 11, 2010
Great Quality Dishwasher
by: Anonymous 2

I've had this dishwasher for a month now and I am pretty pleased with the quality of the performance. Cleans great and is fairly quiet. Really, all you hear is a slight bit of water sloshing around. No motor noises which is nice especially while watching tv in the adjacent family room. Does a great job of drying the dishes too. I like that it has a fan to assist the heated dry cycle. Unfortunately when I questioned the Frigidaire Corp. about whether it had a fan to assist drying, their customer service reps did not know nor did Howards Appliance store. It does and I love it. Nice Stainless Steel interior tub too. For the money, it is a great buy.

Apr 07, 2010
Great machine
by: Anonymous

This Energy Star model has been proven to be the quietest dishwasher model in its line. While heavy-duty models are expected to have noisy washing operations, this dishwasher was crafted to minimize noise during its operation. Thus, the homeowner will not need to install additional noise insulation in his or her kitchen.

Aside from having a large tub, it also uses the SpaceWise Organization System so that you can efficiently use the space in the tub. There is a large silverware basket so that the silverware will not take up the space that you can use for other utensils.

Its real stainless steel coating is not just perfect for classy kitchens but it also makes the dishwasher easy to clean and somewhat resistant to permanent smudges.

With the DishSense Technology, operation will be a breeze because the dishwasher itself can help you set the right option for your dishwashing load.

This model, which retails at about $799, also has the easy to select controls, Energy Saver Plus Cycle, adjustable upper dish rack, and the low rinse aid indicator.

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