Galaxy 24in built in- model #1513

We recently bought a house that had no appliances and therefor had to buy fairly inexpensive appliances. This dishwasher was one of them, and we are very happy with the purchase. It is a small dishwasher, but it is powerful and gets the dishes a lot cleaner than I expected. The two racks have plenty of room for all of our dishes and even when it is jam packed, everything gets clean.

I was really impressed with the pots and pans setting. My old pots came out looking like they had been polished. I did notice that gel and liquid soaps seem to do a better job in this machine, and that you absolutely need a drying agent as well. But I am impressed with how well this little machine holds up. I've had larger machines that didn't get the dish load nearly as clean as this one does.

It's small enough that it fits in a small kitchen and big enough to hold about a week's worth of dishes. If you are trying to wash baby bottles however, I have noticed that you'd need to do them separate. When the utensil basket is in place, it blocks the water from reaching inside the narrow bottles, so they don't get as clean. But other than that, no complaints. If you are on a budget and don't need all the bells and whistles, this is the perfect machine. It's great for a couple, but probably not big enough for a family larger than 3.

It's a great little buy for the money and not problematic at all. There aren't many color choices available, so basic black and white are all you'll get, but don't let that stop you, it's a diamond in the rough.

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