Garett maytag model 7809AWB2

Bought this model after the contractor grade dishwasher that came with the house we bought finally broke down after 7 years. So i purchased a Maytag thinking I was buying a quality product. Boy was I wrong.

We purchased the dishwasher from Sears in 2009, its barely over 2 years old and already the detergent door broke,at a $75 cost to me for the part which I've had to wait over a month for because its back ordered. Its back ordered because this part goes out very quickly and they are replaceing alot of them. While waiting for the new detergent door the control board went out now the normal cycle and the start button don't work. I tried to contact Maytag but only recieved corporate responces that they can't help me.

But they keep telling me I'm a valued customer and they make quality products. SAY NO TO MAYTAG and just so you realize they also make other brand names such as whirlpool, kennmore, ect.

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