by Fred Bradford
(Aransas Pass, TX)

Bought this at Lowes (8-29-14) to replace a rocket at launch sounding rust bucket, that would of been more properly called a rinser. Self install was easy. No leaks, ease of operation and one year in home warranty repair.

Loaded in dirty dishes, selected a cycle and thought I had a lemon. It was too quiet was amazed at how clean dishes came out. I had read reviews about wet dishes. No problem here, though some plastic ware did not dry completely it was not a big deal. I use flatware with a mirror finish and was agog that this machine let them shine spot free (rinse aide), this with well water.

Could this be Love? I live alone with my Dog and while I may cook most days. I only run the dishwasher every few days. Things like dried on eggs, Chili, melted Cheese were handled with ease.

Then the affair hit a bump. Shortly after I mindlessly pushed start last month and sat down to watch a ball game. I heard something akin to silver bells. Must of been the TV. Then I heard it again. Did I leave something in the Microwave? No. There it goes again, a fridge door left open, no, not the water cooler. Anyway it turned out to be the Dishwasher. The start button was flashing its light. Followed directions found in the owners manual and was able to reset and all was good.

Then a week ago. Flashing light again and have not been able to get it to reset. Contacted GE to set up a repair time. Haven't heard from them yet.

Went to Lowes today and explained the situation. Bought a different brand (Bosch), this unit goes back tomorrow and with the discount I got. I'll have an extra $20.00 in my pocket.

Really hate to see this one go. It cleaned better and did it quieter than any machine I have ever owned. To bad it only lasted 5 months. Would it still work if it had a knob to turn instead of a button to push? Oh well

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