GE Built in Dishwasher Model #GSD1300NWW

by Ben

I originally purchased this dishwasher from a Sears store in my home state of Arizona. I have owned the unit for about six months now, and I have been nothing but pleased with it’s performance.

Before I purchased this unit, I owned an expensive Bosch dishwasher that worked wonderfully at first, but then began to fall apart and never got my dishes clean. This GE Built-in dishwasher does the exact opposite; this dishwasher is well constructed, and also does a great job cleaning my dishes. Everything comes out sparkling and free of any water spots. This dishwasher has 4 rinse settings, heavy, normal, light and rinse.

The unit also has a hot start option, which allows you to preheat the water before the wash cycle starts; and a heated dry option. I am a fan of the heated dry option because it has already saved my money on my electric bill. There are only two complaints that I have about this product.

They are noise and space. The unit is quite loud, but it is defiantly tolerable. I have found that the best way to avoid this is to start the dishwasher before I am running errands. The dishwasher is also a little lacking in space. You can only fit a few plates on the bottom rack if you are running any pots or pans. Overall, I think that this is a great product and would recommend it to anyone looking for an inexpensive dishwasher that will clean like the best!

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Mar 05, 2011
get a more one expensive
by: Anonymous

There have been many times in my life where I was glad I saved my money and went for a basic, no-frills appliance. Unfortunately, I have regretted doing this with my dishwasher.

When we moved into our house, all of the appliances were missing, and so I didn't have enough money to go "top of the line" on anything. I bought the cheapest dishwasher I could find that I thought would be decent. It was a GE- how bad could it be?

To be fair, it's not completely bad. It's just not good. Unless I scrub the dishes to the point where I could probably put them straight back into the cabinet, the food particles remain in the dishwasher. When I open it up after a cycle, the glasses in the top rack are often covered in gunk. The bottom rack is usually fine, and the capacity is good, which is important because we're a family of five.

A couple of other problems with this washer: the cycle, even the regular cycle, is extremely long. I have never had a dishwasher that took so long to complete a cycle. It is also rather loud, and the detergent door sometimes sticks closed, which means that nothing got washed properly.

I would highly recommend spending a bit more to get a more efficient dishwasher. You will probably make up your money in the end.

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