GE built-in Nautilus Dishwasher - model number GSD2200G02BB

by Patricia

You get what you pay for in the GE built-in Nautilus dishwasher, model number GSD2200G02BB. This is at the end of the range for a GE dishwasher. While this dishwasher may be good for you pocket book, it is a disaster for your dishes.

The GE Nautilus was already installed when we bought our new home. We asked to have it switched out for a higher end model but the home builder insisted it was a reliable machine. Unfortunately, after using the dishwasher for over a year, I would not even really call it a dishwasher, instead it is more like a dish sanitizer.

You have to clean every speck of food of anything placed in the dishwasher before washing it, if you want to have clean dishes. Because the GE Nautilus does not wash the dishes. The dishes get really hot and all the germs are killed but the food particles are still attached to the dishes after the cycle has run. The noise level out of this dishwasher is unacceptable. I can not here my phone ringing or the doorbell when the dishwasher is running.

I'm very disappointed with this product and would not recommend the dishwasher to anyone who loves clean dishes like I do. I know GE is a good company and they do make other dishwasher models that wash without all the problems I have had with this model.

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Dec 07, 2013
sounds like a wood chipper
by: Anonymous

When GE built the Nautilus dish washer I hope they found the designer something else to do. I work in retail and would not even try to sell this machine. My wife and I bought a mobile home. The most expensive one we could get 16X80. It came with this dish washer. The first time I used it I thought I was running a electric saw. It never got quieter. Now on the final rinse I have a kitchen floor full of water. I like GE but never again. My next one will be a Bosch.
Sorry GE
You lost a customer

Aug 30, 2009
Terrible Dishwasher

Does NOT clean dishes. Food Specks are left ALL over every dish that you put in. It is terrible. We are much better off washing by hand. Would NOT recommend this dishwasher to anyone.

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