by Melissa
(Doylestown, PA, USA)

About 6 months ago I purchased is Dishwasher from Lowe's. I am a new home owner and this was my first big appliance purchase. I could not be happier with this product.

We are an eco-conscience family and so it was important for us to purchase an energy saver dishwasher. This model is and energy star model, so it is energy star compliant; if you are not familiar Energy Star is a government sponsored program between the EPA and the department of Energy aimed at helping us all save money and protect the environment by promoting energy efficient products and practices. When we went shopping for our dishwasher we knew that it had to be energy efficient. This unit is very big and fits just about all my dishes at once. It is very quiet and my dishes come out soooooo clean!

It is programmed with a variety of different settings--pots and pans, china, etc. The best feature this dishwasher is the smart dispense technology--it actually holds an entire bottle of liquid dishwashing soap and is able to dispense the appropriate amount of soap based on water hardness and soil levels! Donot ask me how it knows but it knows!

It also has a Brilliant Clean system which means it has three full-sized wash arms, six levels of washing and a sensor that monitors and adjusts the wash cycle. My dishes have never been cleaner. Another great feature is the delayed start setting, you can set it to start in 2-4-8 hours, which is nice to set before bed and you can take advantage of the lower energy rates overnight. Comes with manufacturer's limited 1 year warranty and depending on where you buy it there is usually a store guaranty too.

We absolutely love this dishwasher and would buy it again in a heart beat. Completely worth the price!

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