GE GDWT100RBB Fully Integrated Black Built-in Dishwasher

16 Place Setting SaniWash Cycle Energy Star Qualified

16 Place Setting SaniWash Cycle Energy Star Qualified

The GDWT100RBB comes with a brightly annealed interior made of stainless steel that looks great and is resistant to stains. With its varied dishwashing features and reliable drying cycles, you can expect clean and bacteria-free dishes every time.

Interior Features
  • The unit features an integrated sound insulator with its sealed toe kick, quiet water valve and the tub collar trim. The unit also comes with the active vent system which is very useful at keeping the unit cool to prevent overheating. These work with the QuietPower motor to make sure that noise is kept at a minimum. The unit comes with an outer full wrap made of bitumen.
  • The unit comes with varied wash system features, including dual pump motors, the Piranha Hard food disposer, automatic temperature controls, and the the CircuClean Pump along with the drain hose. The are three wash arms, the lower, middle and upper.The GDWT100RBB also comes with a super water filtration system , the self-cleaning triple filtration system with extra fine filter. This works hand-in-hand with the Rinse Aid with indicator adjustement.
  • The Saniwash cycle is a favorite of users. It makes cleaning and sanitizing baby bottles hassle free and ensures bacteria-free pots and pans. You can also choose among the various dishwasher options, heated dry on and off, TempBoost and DelayStart.
  • For ease of organizing the plates and pots and pans inside make use of the efficient racking system. The unit sports a nylon towerless racking system, accomodates up to 16 place settings, and with a deep tiered removable nylon racks for the upper compartment. The nylon coating prevents scratches on your pots and glassware.

    Exterior Features

  • The unit is made of stylish black, and a long door style for that added elegance with the full-length flat door. The unit comes with a hard countertop ready installation. The color-matched handle adds to the touch of style. The unit comes with optional levelling legs for easy adjustment of height.
  • The top controls are used to program the varied dishwasher cycles, from normal wash, rinse only and light to pots and pans and saniwash. These controls are easy-to-use and understand.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 24 3/4 inches
    Height: 34 inches
    Width: 24 inches
    Total capacity: 16 place setting


  • The unit is very large, a good capacity for a large capacity which allows for washing one batch of pots and pans in one go.
  • The unit is stylish and the black design absorbs all forms of dirt so you are not required to do a lot of wiping.
  • Customers love the organization of the interior. The nylon racks are very effective at preventing scratches on the glassware and china.
  • The unit is quiet, not as quiet as other models but fairly quiet for its size.


  • The unit only comes in a very simple design and there is no option for customization.
  • The unit tends to be noisy when loaded fully.
  • Problems with rinsing are common. Dishes often come out with residue.


  • large unit
  • stylish and black design absorbs dirt well
  • well-organized racking system
  • quiet unit


  • tends to be noisy
  • problems with rinsing

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