GE GDWT200RBB Built-in With Hidden Controls Black Dishwasher

 16 Place Setting CleanSensor Energy Star Qualified

16 Place Setting CleanSensor Energy Star Qualified

The GDWT200RBB is another black dishwashing unit from GE that comes with the basic set of features for effective and energy efficient dishwashing perfect for regular families. The unit comes with the latest in GE dishwashing technology.

Interior Features
  • Get clean plates everytime with the PureClean wash system with five stage filtration. This feature continously pushes the soils through the various filtration levels to ensure that the grit will not be caught on the newly-cleaned dishes. The system uses the seven additional wash jets for a thorough cleaning of the glassware.
  • Stains are easily removed with the steam clean feature which uses the heated Calrod. Water dripping from the dishes from the prewash cycle drip on to the Calrod and create the steam that warms your dishes and loosens that stains for easy clean-up.
  • Enjoy low-noise performance with the Quiet package system. The system includes sealed toe kick, the Quiet water valve, tub collar trim and the Quiet power motor work in tandem with the Quiet Power 52 package to reduce noise and vibration to a minimum. The full wrap blanket is another feature that further reduces the noise level to virtually nil. The entire unit is Energy-star qualified which means that the unit uses less power and water compared to other brands and models.

    Exterior Features

  • The full lengt flat panel door adds to the minimalist style of this unit. The door is smooth and comes in classic black. The GDWT200RBB is counter-top ready, so all you have to do is install. The GE style handle allows for a good grip on the door for easy opening and closing. Levelling doors are available for adjusting the height of the unit.
  • The electronic controls are tucked on the top portion of the unit. Choose among the three cycles and three options using these controls.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 24 3/4 inches
    Height: 34 inches
    Width: 24 inches


  • The unit does a very good job of cleaning dishes and glassware which could be attributed to the CleanSensor.
  • The unit saves a lot of power and water due to the energy-saving features.
  • The GDWT200RBB is very stylish, and very easy on the eyes.
  • The unit is very quiet due to the various quiet features that include the insulation and the sound package.
  • The unit comes with a lot of additional features that are simple fun to use. They also shorten the diswashing time considerably.


  • The GDWT200RBB tends to emit noise and vibration when on for several hours already or when the levelling legs are not levelled correctly.
  • Residue tends to get left behind on the surface of clean dishes.
  • The end-of-cycle signal either tends to be too loud or too low. It is also difficult to change audible settings.
  • The GDWT200RBB control panel tends to break down after a few months of use.


  • cleans dishes and glassware well
  • saves a lot on power and water
  • very stylish and easy on the eyes
  • quiet, you will hardly know it is running
  • lots of additional features


  • tends to emit noise and vibration when the legs are not levelled the right way
  • residue tends to get left behind
  • audible signal too loud or too low
  • cnotrol panel not very durable

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