GE GDWT300RBB with Fully Integrated Black Built-in Dishwasher

16 Place Setting PureClean Energy Star Qualified

16 Place Setting PureClean Energy Star Qualified

The GDWT300RBB is another offering from GE that comes with a good blend of style and function coupled with an array of features that are earth friendly. This is a compact dishwasher that will fit into most contemporary countertop designs.

Interior Features
  • The unit sports the PureClean wash system with 5-stage filtration, with the multi-levels of filtration ensuring the highest level of cleanliness. The unit uses the SmartDispense Technology which holds up to 47 oz. of detergent which it dispenses at the right time. The steam prewash option helps to loosen tough stains before the start of the cycle for hassle-free cleaning. There are electronic controls with 3 cycles with three options which make it easy to program the dishwasher.
  • Top dishwasher features include dual pumps and motors, the Piranha Hard Food disposer and automatic temperature control. There's the automatic temperature sensing feature and the CircuClean Pump. All dishwasher operations are made less noisy by the Quiet 52 sound package with an enhanced sound-deadening system that muffles noise and keeps the kitchen quiet.
  • The unit also comes with an impressive array of rack and organization features to make sure that you can put in as many place settings as possible. Rack features include a silverware basket with three cell covers, ball-tipped tines and 2 plastic utility shelves. The unit can accomodate up to 16 place settings. Upper racks are made of deep-tiered removable nylon racks while lower compartments are made of towerless nylon racks.

    Exterior Features

  • The unit comes with a built in configuration to allow the unit to integrate fully with the rest of the kitchen built-in cabinetry. All you need is a countertop model that accomodates the model. The unit also comes with fully integrated electronic controls which are conveniently located on top and six touchpads that respond to the touch intuitively. Use the control panel to access control features such as Start/Reset, Last Cycle memory, audible end-of-cycle signal and washing cycles.
  • The dishwasher sports a traditional design in black, clean lines and GE handles. Levelling legs help you adjust the unit height for easier accessibility to items inside.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 24 3/4 inches
    Height: 34 inches
    Width: 24 inches
    Total capacity: 16-place setting


  • The GDWT300RBB sports a stylish and simple design making it easy for integrating the unit with the rest of the kitchen.
  • The unit lasts a long, long time. Most units tend to last ten years or more.
  • The settings are perfect for both convenience and efficiency. It is also very easy to program settings with the use of the control panel buttons.
  • The unit is pretty silent, not totally noise-free but pretty close. The trick is levelling the legs to lessen the vibration even more.
  • The large capacity allows you to finish one load in one go.


  • The unit has a few problems drying dishes. Some dishes come out half-dried.
  • The unit does not come as quiet as advertised.
  • The dishes does not clean as well as it should. In some cases prewashing may be needed.


  • stylish design
  • very durable unit
  • very useful settings
  • silent operation


  • the unit tends to produce sound when the legs are not levelled
  • not as quiet as advertised
  • does not clean as well as it should

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