GE GLC4100NBB Portable Dishwasher

GE is one of the most trusted brands of household appliances in the market today. Innovations on their appliances not only make doing household work easier, but also more energy efficient. In fact, GE's GLC4100NBB is described as one of the simplest and most user-friendly among the line of dishwashers being sold today.

Customers looking for a portable and energy-efficient machine must read on to learn more about the features of the GLC4100NBB if they want to make a wise decision on the dishwasher that they are planning to purchase.

Product overview

The GLC4100NBB is a portable dishwasher the ensures clean dishes, easy operation, quick start-up, and even a towerless wash system. It gives user up to six (6) wash levels to choose from, along with four (4) wash cycles for a thorough clean. Aside from nylon racks and an efficient food particle processing system, the unit is topped with stylish woodgrain laminate that can be used as extra working space. It can fit into any kind of kitchen décor that the consumer might already have.

Key features:

6-level BrilliantClean Towerless Wash system -- This makes cleaning more efficient because of its wash arms that direct the water where it is most needed, making efficient use of water and energy.

100% triple water-filtration -- The GLC4100NBB filters water to keep it clean, so users can be sure that the dishes are squeaky clean as well. The triple water filtration system prevents food particles from being deposited in washed dishes.

Candlelight Woodgrain Laminate Top -- This stylish cover doubles as an extra work table that can easily fit in with the décor of any room.

2-4 Hour Delay Start -- This feature allows instant use of the dishwasher without having to wait for the machine to warm up. It has the added advantage of having the dishes washed even while the whole family is asleep, courtesy of the programmable stop and start feature.

Piranha Hard Food Dispenser -- This feature in the GLC4100NBB specializes in grinding leftover food for better disposal.

Heated Drying Feature -- The GLC4100NBB dry heats dishes so that they are ready to be put away or used after every cycle. The dry heating process also eliminates the presence of bacteria that may be present in the water.

Rinse-aid Dispenser Indicator -- This feature of the GLC4100NBB makes dishwashing easier and more efficient by indicating the amount of rinse aid needed during every cycle.

One-piece Silverware Basket with Cell Covers -- The GLC4100NBB has a separate compartment for silverware that makes cleaning spoons, forks, and measuring spoons easy and efficient.


The primary advantage of the GLC4100NBB is its portability, which makes it the perfect option for those who live in apartments and for those who do not have extra space for a traditional dishwasher. The unit has wheels on the bottom and is easy to move around various areas of the home or the apartment.

The GLC4100NBB is also quiet and easy to hook up to the home’s water supply with its simple screw-on system. The dishwasher can be easily screwed on to the faucet; a simple button on the tubing can be pressed to direct the water either back to the faucet or to the dishwasher as needed. This will allow members of the family to use the faucet with just one press of the button. Finally, the GLC4100NBB is available from most appliance retailers and is not hard to look for online.


With all the features that the GLC4100NBB has to offer, one of the things consumers are left to gripe about is the limited color options. The GLC4100NBB only comes in solid black, but this is a minor disadvantage since black can easily fit with any color scheme in any room. The portability also takes up the amount of dishes the washer can hold at a time, which may make it less suitable for large families or households.

Final thought

The GLC4100NBB is a portable dishwasher that is as versatile as it is reliable. Coming from a tried and tested brand, GE's GLC4100NBB couples efficient dishwashing with sophisticated features that are not always found even in the most traditional of all dishwashers. With its portability, even students and those living in cramped apartments can still take full advantage of the features that the GLC4100NBB has to offer.

Consumer likes:
* portable and easy to move around
* programmable wash system
* easy navigation of settings with electronic touchpad
* easy to attach to water source with screw-on system
* good value for money
* stylish and reliable
* energy efficient

Consumer dislikes
* limited color options
* not capable of handling large volumes of dishes compared to larger built-in units
* can be a bit pricey for some

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