GE GLC4400RBB Convertible Black Dishwasher

15 Place Setting Energy Star Qualified QuietPower 57 Sound Package

15 Place Setting Energy Star Qualified QuietPower 57 Sound Package

GE GLC4400RBB is a black dishwasher that have many features to boast to consumers. Thee include the Woodgrain Laminate top and the QuietPower 57 Sound package. This dishwasher is a 25" Convertible/Portable Dishwasher.

Interior Features
  • The dishwasher features a SaniWash cycle that reduces 99.999% of harmful germs and bacteria. There is the Steam Pre-wash feature of the dishwasher. This one helps loosen the tough food soils. This eliminate the need to pre-rinse or soak the dishes.
  • There is also the 15 place Setting capacity. This enables the dishwasher to accommodate large items. The upper rack of the dishwasher is Deep-tiered white titanium. This one is designed to resist rust and secure the dishes.
  • The appliance has Audible end-of-the cycle signal that warns you if the dishes are ready to unload. The dishwasher has Piranha Food Disposer that eliminates the food bits before washing the dishes.
  • There is also the QuietPower 57 Sound Package which ensure the quiet operation. The appliance also have silverware cleaning jets. This spray jets that target the silverware area for thorough cleaning.

    Exterior Features

  • The model comes in black color. It is also available in white.
  • The top of the dishwasher is woodgrain laminate. This creates a durable and attractive surface.

    Dimension Specification

    Overall Height: 36 3/8"
    Overall Depth: 27"
    Overall Width: 24 7/8"
    Approximate Shipping Weight: 47 lbs.
    Net Weight: 131 lbs.


  • With the SaniWash feature of the dishwasher, you can make sure that the dishes are cleaned well. With this feature, you don't have to repeat the cleaning process. SaniWash ensures that the harmful bacteria and germs in your dishes are removed.
  • With the Hard Food Disposer of the dishwasher, you can actually ensure that washing is efficient. Hard Food Disposer gets rid of the tough food soil on the dishware.
  • With this dishwasher you can work quietly because it's sound package produces less noise. This is ideal for you especially if you have babies at home.
  • You can also specify the area for cleaning because of the model's spray jets feature.
  • The model makes a sound when the dishes are ready for unloading. This can make your dish washing more efficient because you don't need to be near the appliance all throughout the dish washing period.


  • The model lacks some useful features such as China/crystal setting, Sensor Clean, and Quick Wash Setting.
  • The model does not have an NSF Certified Rinse.
  • This unit is not ADA compliant. This means it is not as accessible and easy to use as the other models.
  • The model is more expensive compared to other units. It costs $550.05. There are many other units with the same features but are offered for very low prices.
  • The design of this dishwasher is very simple. It looks like your average dishwasher.

    Consumer Opinions


  • QuietPower 57 Sound Package
  • Deep Tiered white titanium
  • end-of-the cycle signal
  • Piranha Food Disposer
  • Woodgrain laminate top
  • Energy Star Rated
  • Sani Wash cycle
  • Available in white color


  • more expensive compared to other models
  • ADA compliant
  • spray jets
  • quiet operation
  • quick Wash Setting
  • Sensor Clean
  • simple design

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