GE GLC4400RWW Convertible White Dishwasher

15 Place Setting Eenrgy Star Qualified SaniWash Cycle

15 Place Setting Eenrgy Star Qualified SaniWash Cycle

GE GLC4400RWW is a dishwasher with simple design but with several features that could make your dish washing a great deal efficient. It has Self-cleaning 5 Stage Filtration system and Sani WAsh cycle that facilitate the thorough cleaning of the dishes.

Interior Features
  • The appliance has Self-cleaning 5 Stage Filtration. The multiple filtration levels make sure that the dishes are thoroughly cleaned.
  • The appliance has a SaniWash cycle. The SaniWash cycle works by reducing 99.999% of harmful germs and bacteria.
  • The dishwasher has an audible end-of-cycle signal. The appliance creates a sound that tells you when the load is complete and the dishes are ready to unload.
  • The appliance has Deep-tiered white titanium upper rack. This rack is designed to resist rust and secure the dishes.
  • The 15-place setting of the dishwasher enables the appliance to hold a family-sized dish loads.
  • Another feature of the appliance is the Steam Pre-wash. This feature helps loosen the tough soils before any cycle. This eliminates the need to soak or pre-rinse the dishware.
  • It has Piranha Hard Food Disposer that removes the crumbs in the dishes easily. There are also the Dual Pumps and Motors that makes the dish washing powerful and efficient.
  • The model also comes with a QuietPower 57 Sound Package. This sound package ensures quiet operation.
  • The appliance is Energy Star Rated. This means you can save energy using this model. It can also help you save money in the long run.

    Exterior Features

  • The appliance has Woodgrain laminate top. This makes the surface of the dishwasher attractive and durable.
  • The dishwasher has white exterior. The design is simple.

    Dimension Specification

    Overall Height: 36 3/8"
    Overall Depth: 27"
    Overall Width: 24 7/8"
    Approximate Shipping Weight: 147 lbs.
    Net Weight: 131 lbs.


  • The dishwasher operates quietly. This means you can actually wash the dishes without disrupting the activities of others in your household.
  • You don't have to scrub the dishes yourself. The appliance has features that can eliminate soaking, manual scrubbing, and pre-rinsing the dishware. This can conserve your energy and also your time.
  • With its end-of-the cycle signal, you can do other thin gs while waiting for the warning sound indicating the status of the dish washing process.
  • The Hard Food Disposer of the unit also makes the cleaning of the dishes thorough and fast.
  • With the unit's racks, you don;t have to worry about your delicate ware because the rack is sturdy enough to keep your delicate dishes safe.
  • The appliance is Energy Star Rated. Thisn means you can save on electricity using this appliance.


  • The model lacks useful features such as China/Crystal setting, QuickWash Setting, and Sensor Clean.
  • The Rinse of this dishwasher is not certified by NSF.
  • Its color and design is simple and plain.
  • This model is also expensive given it lacks some of the important features found in a dishwasher. It actually costs $550.05.

    Consumer Opinions


  • Hard Food Disposer
  • SaniWash cycle
  • titanium rack
  • Steam Pre-wash
  • QuietPOwer 57 Sound Package
  • Woodgrain Laminate Top
  • Energy Star Rated


  • no NSF certified rinse
  • the design is simple
  • costly
  • lacks important features such as China/Crystal setting

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