GE GLD4408RWW Tall Tub White Built-in Dishwasher

15 Place Setting Energy Star Qualified 3 Wash Cycles

15 Place Setting Energy Star Qualified 3 Wash Cycles

The GLD4408RWW is another stylish offering from the GE line of dishwashers for those who need a compact unit with the basic feature. Enjoy washing dishes and ensure that they come out clean and safe with such features as the five stage filtration system and the SaniWash cycle.

Interior Features
  • You get clean plates everytime with the five-stage filtration system, which continously pushes the soil through multiple levels of filtration to ensure that no food particles are deposited on the plates during the final rinse. The SaniWash cycle removes the bacteria and germs to give you plates that are clean and germ-free.
  • The unit sports a PermaTuff interior that is durable and accomodates up to 15 place settings, perfect for a regular family. The deep tiered racks are coated with pearl blue nylon and designed to resist rust while keeping your glassware and china secure and free from scratches.
  • The unit is known for its quiet operation which is due to the QuietPower sound package. This feature reduces the sound level that the GLD4408RWW emits to just 57dBA. Coupled with advanced insulation materials, sealed toe kick, QuietPower motor, mastic door insulation, and an insulation blanket, you can be sure to have virtually noiseless performance every time you turn the GLD4408RWW on.

    Exterior Features

  • The unit sports an attractive white exterior and smooth door. The control panels are found on the upper portion of the front panel just above the door and is where you will find control buttons for choosing your dishwashing cycles, setting the delay start feature, and the audible signal.
  • The built-in configuration makes the unit very easy to install. You can also opt for the levelling legs which are useful for adjusting the height of the units.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 25 inches
    Height: 33 3/4 inches
    Width: 24 inches


  • The GLD4408RWW has a large interior, very spacious and organization is very well laid-out.
  • The GLD4408RWW controls are easy to use and set. The control panel is very accessible.
  • The unit's white exterior is stylish and classy, very minimalistic yet perfect for almost any kind of kitchen decor.
  • The unit can hold a ton of dishes, effectively cutting your dishwashing time in half. Even when filled full the unit works at a normal pace and doesn't slow down.


  • One of the main drawbacks is that the unit does not come with adjustable upper racks and foldable tines. These really come in handy when there is no more space in the interior or when you need to wash large items.
  • The unit tends to make some noise when the hard food disposer is on.
  • The GLD4408RWWcomes in white, which may not be the best option for those who want something in a darker color.
  • The GLD4408RWW control panel buttons tend to break down easily. The markings on the panel are also often very small for reading.
  • The audible end-of-cycle signal tends to be very annoying although you have the option of lowering the volume down.

    Consumer Opinions


  • controls are easy to use and set
  • control panel is very accessible
  • unit holds a ton of dishes
  • unit works normally even when washing full loads


  • no adjustable upper racks or foldable tines
  • unit makes noise when the hard food disposer is on
  • control panel buttons break down easily
  • control panel markings often too small to read
  • end-of-cycle signal is annoying

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