GE GLD4908TBB Black Tall Tub Built-in Dishwasher

15 Place Settings, Energy Star, Steam Pre-wash

15 Place Settings, Energy Star, Steam Pre-wash

The cleaning jets manage to put the GE GLD4908TBB into slightly unique territory in what could become the confusing selection of GE built-in dishwashers. Other features included in this black-clad option are fairly typical but can together create a winning combination. With energy efficiency, powerful cleaning and electronic controls still part of the deal, the GE GLD4908TBB can be a good starter option.

Interior Features
  • The cleaning jets is one of the most unique features of the GE GLD4908TBB. While this may not be new, it somehow distinguishes the dishwasher model from the others being offered by the GE Profile series of dishwashers.
  • Because GE is committed to producing powerful cleaners in its dishwashers, the GE GLD4908TBB comes with the usual multiple filtration levels and the SaniWash cycle. The SaniWash cycle is an important addition to the roster of cycles because it is the one that kills about a hundred percent of the harmful germs found on the dirty dishes. The steam prewash cycle, on the other hand, removes the sticky but rather visible grime from the dishes. There are 4 wash cycles and 5 options.
  • At the end of a wash cycle, the user will be alerted through an audible signal. Without this signal, the user will have to keep on watching the dishwasher for the cycle status. With the signal, the user can do other things while washing the dishes.
  • A quiet power package has become typical of a GE Profile series dishwasher. The GE GLD4908TBB can only produce sounds up to 57 dBA, which is a good thing.

    Exterior Features

  • The racks are durable and secure. So, the user can store several dishes at one time without worrying about the racks falling apart. These racks are made of rust-resistant pearl blue nylon. They are deep-tiered to secure the dishes and place and are removable for easy cleaning and flexible organization. The racks are pretty spacious and can accommodate a lot of pieces.
  • The exterior of the GE GLD4908TBB is black. GE Profile series dishwashers with the same specifications are also available in stainless steel and white.
  • The door is full length and long in style. Electronic controls with 9 button touch pads are available for easy operation. The interface also provides a certain degree of modernization to the product.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 24 inches
    Height: 33 3/4 inches
    Width: 24 inches
    Capacity: 15 place settings


  • Energy efficiency is a great feature of the GE GLD4908TBB. The dishwasher does not use up a lot of energy just to perform its duties.
  • The GE GLD4908TBB dishwasher model is affordable. Still, the materials are of high quality and can last for long. A one year warranty is given for the just-in-case situations.
  • The dishwasher works quietly. So, the consumers do not have to feel stressed out, due to noise, when washing the dishes.
  • The racks are removable. This makes cleaning easy.


  • The GE GLD4908TBB dishwasher do not have a lot of specialized cycles.

    Consumer Opinions


  • energy efficiency
  • quiet operation
  • affordable and practical


  • do not have specialized cycles

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