GE GLD4908TWW White Tall Tub Built-in Dishwasher

15 Place Settings, Energy Star, Steam Pre-wash

15 Place Settings, Energy Star, Steam Pre-wash

Cleaning power is the emphasis in the affordable GLD4908TWW, an offering from the GE built-in series of dishwashers. Multiple filtration levels, silverware cleaning jets and steam prewash all work together to provide the best cleaning a user can expect from a powerful dishwasher. The GE GLD4908TWW also comes with the NSF certified Saniwash cycle, which kills 99.999% of harmful germs and bacteria.

Interior Features
  • The GE GLD4908TWW is Energy Star qualified, just like other GE Profile series dishwashers. GE Profile provides a response to the needs of the times by offering dishwashers that only use the minimum amount of energy needed to function.
  • There are 4 cycles and 5 options to choose from, which is typical for a GE Profile dishwasher. The cycles included are: normal wash, light wash, steam prewash and the NSF certified SaniWash. The SaniWash cycle eliminates almost a hundred percent of harmful bacteria while the steam prewash loosens the hold of sticky food residue on the dishes.
  • Multiple levels of filtration help purify water to be used on washing the dishes. Silverware cleaning jets are added to this particular model of dishwasher to spray water on the silverware area.
  • After each cycle is finished, an audible signal will be sounded. This alert helps users by not limiting them to just watching the dishwasher when it is in use.
  • With the QuietPower 57 sound package, the GE GLD4908TWW can only emit sounds up to 57 dBA.

    Exterior Features

  • The rack system is durable. The racks are made of pearl blue nylon for resisting rust and are deep-tiered to be able to secure the dishes. They are also removable for easy cleaning and flexibility of loading.
  • In the racks, there is a silverware baskets and other baskets for other small items. There are two utility shelves on the upper rack. These shelves can safely hold stemware, as they have the StemSafe feature. This feature makes the utility shelves ideal for holding fragile items.
  • While this particular example is white, other versions of this same dishwasher have exteriors of stainless steel or black.
  • The GE GLD4908TWW has a long, full-length door with a door liner made of PermaTuf. The tub is also made of Permatuf. The electronic controls have an easy to understand interface and 9 touch pads for easy manipulation.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 24 inches
    Height: 33 3/4 inches
    Width: 24 inches
    Capacity: 15 place settings


  • The cycles may be limited to the traditional five but these five already include an antibacterial cycle and a steam prewash cycle. The user can already be assured of proper sanitation when using the GE GLD4908TWW.
  • Because the GE GLD4908TWW is energy efficient, the consumer will be enjoying savings. Other ways that a consumer can save through using this particular model is through the cheap initial payment, the warranty, and the durable materials it is made of.
  • The GE GLD4908TWW works quietly as to not annoy.
  • It features the silverware jet spray.


  • Most of the features found in the GE GLD4908TWW is typical of a GE built-in dishwasher.

    Consumer Opinions


  • energy efficient
  • emphasis on sanitation
  • saves money
  • tall tub design


  • typical/average

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