GE GLD6906RWW Tall Tub White Built-in Dishwasher

16 Place Setting Energy Star Qualified SmartDispense Technology

16 Place Setting Energy Star Qualified SmartDispense Technology

GE GLD6906RWW is a white dishwasher with several features designed for your convenience. This dishwasher uses a SmartDispense Technology and Permatuf Interior.

Interior Features
  • The appliance has a Permatuf interior. This means the interior can last for a long time. With this interior you can load different types of dishware without worrying about making some repairs afterward.
  • The QuietPower Sound Package of the model is 57 dBA. with this you can ensure that you won't be disturbing the entire household when you do the dish washing.
  • The model also has a Steam Pre-wash option. With this wash option, you don't have to scrub the dishes hard. Pre-rinsing is also unnecessary. The Steam pre-wash option works by loosening the tough soils before the cycle.
  • The upper rack of the model can last for a very long time because the upper racks are actually deep tiered white titanium, which can actually resist rust. The model's SmartDispense Technology can hold up to 47 oz of detergent and dispenses it at the right time.
  • The PureClean wash system of the dishwasher includes 5 stage filtration. The multiple filtration levels of the dishwasher ensure the thorough cleaning of the dishes.

    Exterior Features

  • The washer comes in plain white color. The design of the dishwasher is simple so you won't really get problem using it even for the first time.
  • The model has a full-length contour door. The model has electronic controls with 3 cycles/4 options. The modern controls of the unit make it easy for you to program the dishwasher.

    Dimension Specifications

    Overall Width: 24"
    Overall Depth: 25 1/4"
    Overall Height: 34"
    Height w/Legs Extended: 35"
    Net Weight: 95 lb


  • Because the dishwasher is Energy Star Qualified you can actually save money if you use it.
  • With the Steam pre-wash system of the appliance you can make sure that the dishes are thoroughly washed. With this feature you don't have to pre-rinse or soak the dishes.
  • With the SmartDispense Technology of the model you can make sure that dish washing becomes efficient. It can help you dispense the detergent at the right moment.
  • You don't also have to worry about your delicate dishware. The model has excellent upper rack. The rack is durable and does not easily develop rust.
  • With the modern controls of the model, you won't have difficulty setting the programs of the appliance.
  • The model can also last for a very long time. It's interior is lined with permatuf that ensures durability.
  • The Quiet Sound Package of the dishwasher makes it an ideal appliance for a household with babies. The quiet operation won't disturb anyone in your home even if you do the dish washing in the middle of the night.


  • The dishwasher comes in plain white color and a very simple design.
  • The dishwasher is not ADA compliant.


  • Energy Star Qualified
  • Quiet operation
  • 5 stage filtration
  • permatuf interior
  • full length contour door
  • electronic controls
  • Steam pre-wash system
  • SmartDispense Technology
  • PureClean wash system
  • large capacity
  • made of durable materials


  • plain color and simple design
  • not an ADA compliant appliance

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