GE GLD7400RBB Tall Tub Black Built-in Dishwasher

16 Place Setting Energy Star Qualified Dual Pumps and Motor

16 Place Setting Energy Star Qualified Dual Pumps and Motor

GLD7400RBB is a dishwasher from GE. This dishwasher comes in black color. It has several features that can make your dish washing more efficient. This appliance can also help you save on electricity because it has an Energy Star qualification.

Interior Features
  • The dish washer has many quiet features. The parts include Sealed Toe Kick, Quiet Water Valve, and active Vent System. The appliance has a QuietPower Motor that ensures its silent operation.
  • The liner of the tub and the door is Permatuf. This makes the tub and the dish washer as a whole durable.
  • The dishwasher has 6 level and PureClean wash system for excellent cleaning of the dishes. The appliance has Dual Pumps and Motors that make it more powerful and reliable in washing the dishes.
  • The appliance also has a Piranha Hard Food Disposer that removes the crumbs and other food chunks in the dishes. The automatic temperature control of the dish washer also adds to your efficiency when you wash the dishes.
  • The water filtration system of the dishwasher is Self-Cleaning 5-Stage Filtration with ExtraFine Filter. It also has a CleanSensor.
  • The dispenser of the dishwasher include Rinse Aid with indicator and Adjustment Smart Dispense Technology Bulk and Detergent Dispenser with Refill Light. The appliance has 5 dishwasher options which include Delay Start 1-9 Hr with Countdown, Heated Dry On/Off, TempBoost, Steam PreWash, and Automatic HotStart.

    Exterior Features

  • The unit has electronic control with 11 touchpads for efficiency. The unit has Audible End-of-the cycle Signal and 3 Digit Countdown Display with Status to warn you about the dishwashing process.
  • The style of the appliance's exterior is traditional and simple. It's color is black. The unit also comes with leveling legs. It has a mastic door insulation and an outer wrap of Insulation Blanket. The unit has a long full-length contour door for easy loading of the dishes.

    Dimensions Specification

    Net Weight (lbs.): 95 lb
    Overall Height: 33 3/4 in
    Height w/Legs Extended (in.): 35 in
    Overall Depth: 25 in
    Overall Width: 24 in


  • With this appliance you can wash the dishes in the middle of the night without disrupting the sleep of the members of your household.
  • The tub of this dishwasher is durable. This can help you save money for the repairs.
  • The motor of the appliance is powerful enough to ensure the excellent cleaning of your dishes. It also operates quietly.
  • with the different options offered by the appliance, you can find the most suitable setting for the type of the dishes you are going to wash.
  • The automatic temperature control of the dishwasher makes the setting of the water temperature efficient.
  • The Filtration system of the dish washer can make sure the thorough cleaning of the dishes.
  • The dishwasher is also available in other colors. The other colors include bisque and white.


  • The appliance has a very simple design. The color of the unit is black.
  • The unit is more expensive than other models. It costs $649.


  • Rinse Aid with Indicator
  • ExtraFine Filter
  • PureClean Wash System
  • Dual Pumps
  • Available in bisque and white
  • full-length contour door
  • electronic control


  • simple exterior style
  • more expensive relative to other units

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