GE GLD7400RWW Tall Tub White Built-in Dishwasher

 16 Place Setting Energy Star Qualified Six Cycle Options

16 Place Setting Energy Star Qualified Six Cycle Options

GLD7400RWW is a dishwasher from GE that has many features created for the convenience of the consumers. The dishwasher has 6 wash cycles for excellent dish washing. It also has 6 wash levels.

Interior Features
  • The appliance boasts its Spray Jets. This scrub and scour dishes that are heavily soiled.
  • The appliance uses 3 spray arms. The spray arms are used to clean and rinse the dishes .
  • The appliance also has 6 different wash levels that allow you to set the dishwasher just right for your type of load. It has different cycles and options for excellent washing.
  • There is also a built-in food disposer that and self cleaning filter that keeps the water clean and free from dust particles. The appliance also boasts its Soil Sensor, which uses a sensor in order to measure the cleanliness of water. It makes sure that the dirty water is not recirculated and soil is not redeposited on the utensils.
  • The dishwasher uses the high-temperature option for the cleaning of dishes that are heavily soiled. There is also the Auto-Temperature Control which uses a sensor that ensures that the water is in the right temperature in order for the detergent to be activated.
  • The dishwasher also has Sanitary Option which has 160-degree or higher sanitary cycle certified by NSF. This feature can remove 99.9% of bacteria and germs.
  • The material of the tub of this model is standard plastic. The unit provides option for drying the dishes with an internal heating element for fast drying of dishes. The model has removable and adjustable racks for the efficient organizing of items.

    Exterior Features

  • The model comes in white color. This is great for any type of kitchen. It has simple controls for easy management.

    Dimension Specification

    Width: 24"
    Depth: 25"
    Height: 33 3/4"
    total capacity: 16 place setting


  • The dishwasher is Energy Star Qualified. This means that the dishwasher It actually utilizes 35% less water and 31% less energy. With this unit you can actually save on your monthly utility bills.
  • This model is operates quietly compared to other dishwashers.
  • With this appliance you can wash more dishes with a few loads because its tub is tall. It can accommodate 20% more compared to average dishwashers.
  • You can ensure the cleaning process done by this dishwasher because its sanitary cycle is actually certified by NSF.
  • The food disposer of the dishwasher helps in the thorough and efficient cleaning of the dishes.
  • Organizing the cups and utensils is easy with this dishwasher because of its excellent rack.


  • One of the major disadvantages of this dishwasher is its tub material. It's tub is made of plastic. It is not as durable as ones made from stainless steel. Aside from that the plastic material does not really aid in the drying process.
  • Another negative thing about this washing machine is its price. This appliance costs $649. This is actually a bit costlier compared to other units with almost the same features.
  • This appliance is currently unavailable in some stores online.


  • Spray Jets
  • 6 wash levels
  • Sanitary Cycle certified by NSF
  • Energy Star Qualified


  • more expensive compared to others
  • the tub is made of plastic
  • unavailable in some stores online

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