GE GLD7460RSS Tall Tub Stainless Steel Built-in Dishwasher

16 Place Setting SmartDispense System Energy Star Qualified

16 Place Setting SmartDispense System Energy Star Qualified

The GLD7460RSS is among the most-liked dishwashers from GE because it sports a wide array of features for both efficiency and comfort in dishwashing. Incased in a stainless steel exterior with an impressive control panel done in black, the unit is perfect for modern and stylish kitchens.

Interior Features
  • Get clean dishes anytime with the PureClean wash systems with five-stage filtration. The five-stage filtration system pushes the soils through multiple filtration levels to ensure that grit does not deposit on the freshly cleaned glassware. This system works with seven additional wash jets thoroughly cleansing the dishware. The new middle arm is dedicated for cleaning silverware.
  • The unit is Energy Star qualified. Qualification is part of a government-backed program helping business and individuals protect the environment through the use of energy efficient appliances.
  • The unit comes with SmartDispense technology, which holds 40 fl. oz. of dishwashing detergent and ejects just the right amounts for the pre-wash and the main wash cycles. The GE dishwashers use an exact amount of detergent based on the water hardness settings.
  • Remove stubborn stains with the steam pre wash option. This uses the Calrod heater which is activated after the second pre wash fill. Water dripping from the racks falls on to the calrod heater and creates a wall of steam that helps loosen the steam to prepare your dishes for the main wash.
  • Enjoy easy loading of dishes with the organization features that include the platinum silver four position deep tiered adjustable nylon rack.
  • Enjoy the quiet operation of this system with the quiet package which include the Quiet54 motor, the sealed toe kick, the quiet water valve and the active vent system. Noise is further reduced with the outer wrap insulation blanket which prevents noise from going out.

    Exterior Features

  • The electronic controls are placed on the top portion of the panel with soft touch pads. The eleven touch pads help in the easy programming of settings. Included in the controls is the 3 digit countdown display with 6 cycl progress indicator. Also included in the panel are the cancel/reset pads and last cycle memory. The panel is protected by the child lock feature which prevens kids from tampering with the dishwasher settings.
  • The unit sports a built-in style that make it easy to install the unit in the kitchen. The tub and door liner are made of durable PermaTuf.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 25 inches
    Height: 33 3/4 inches
    Width: 24 inches


  • The child lock feature is one advantage not found in other models.
  • The unit comes with a wide array of features.
  • Touch pads are very sensitive, easy to use.
  • The unit is very stylish and easy to install.
  • The GLD7460RSS racking system make organization and loading a breeze.


  • The unit tends to be noisy when fully loaded.
  • The GLD7460RSS too tall for certain kinds of cabinet systems.
  • The GLD7460RSS often has trouble washing glassware.


  • has the child lock feature
  • wide array of features
  • touch pads are sensitive
  • unit is stylish
  • easy to install
  • excellent racking option


  • noisy when loaded
  • too tall for certain kinds of cabinet systems
  • trouble washing glassware

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