GE GSC3500NWW Portable Dishwasher

GE is a known brand when it comes to energy-efficient and affordable home appliances. Most homeowners trust GE when it comes to home appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and dishwashers.

They will not be disappointed with the GSC3500NWW, which comes with the quality of other GE products along with special features that make it worth the money despite its small size.

Some may feel that the lack of child locks and cutlery trays are just some of the disadvantages that bring down this product compared to others, but for the portability and the price, it is hard to find a dishwasher with all the features packed into this unit.

Consumers looking for an energy-efficient and affordable dishwasher should read on to know more about the GSC3500NWW and why it could be the unit that is meant for their dishwashing needs.

Product overview

The GSC3500NWW is a full console portable dishwasher with five (5) wash cycles, two (2) wash options, and dial controls. Despite its small size, it can accommodate dishes for as many as 12 place settings. It has a large capacity, considering that this is a portable dishwasher that can easily be rolled from one area of the kitchen to another.

Although it lacks other fancier options such as china and crystal settings as well as a delay start feature and fold-down tines, it handles the basics of dishwashing very well (even to the point of being able to handle tough stains without the heavy duty wash feature).

Key features

Touch Tap Controls -- The modern and easy to use controls are also a snap to clean. The touch tap controls allows for easy navigation of settings that even young children can be taught how to operate them.

Candlelight Woodgrain Laminate Top -- The GSC3500NWW has a candelight woodgrain laminate top that is as stylish as it is functional. The top can serve as an added working or storage space for coffee makers, condiments, and smaller kitchen appliances

4-level PowerScrub Wash System -- This is perhaps the best feature of the GSC3500NWW. The powerful washing system uses precision jets that eject water in high temperatures to drive out even the toughest of stains.

100% water filtration -- This system ensures that dishes come out clean every time. The triple filtration system makes sure that no food particles get mixed in with the water and left on the dishes after every cycle.

Pots and Pans cycle -- Despite the absence of the heavy duty wash feature, tough stains are scrubbed out during the pots and pans cycle, which is designed for hard to remove stains and residue.

Piranha Hard Food Disposer -- The GSC3500NWW is equipped with the Piranha hard food dispenser that grinds up leftover food for easy disposal.


One of the main advantages of using the GSC3500NWW is its simplicity. With its two wash options and touch tap or dial control, it is perfect for those looking for a machine for basic dishwashing tasks.

The unit is small and portable, and it can easily be fitted into a space in the apartment or the home. It can also be moved around with ease. Another advantage is the Energy Star rating, which means that the machine is designed to utilize energy efficiently.


The only disadvantage that this unit has, aside from the fact that it is only available in plain white and black, is that it is not ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.

The unit also has no child locks, which necessitates the use of safety precautions at homes where small children are around. This may also not be the machine for those who are looking for more sophisticated features such as china and crystal settings and sensor cleaning features.

Consumers may gripe about the lack of a stainless steel interior, which some units from other brands boast of at more or less the same price. Because the unit only has two spray arms, some consumers may want to direct their attention to other units that have more than two spray arms at around the same price. Spray arms direct the flow of water to where it is needed; the more arms are present, the more efficient dishwashing is.

Final thought

The GSC3500NWW from GE is an affordable and sensible option for those looking for a dishwasher that is up to basic dishwashing tasks.

This is the perfect dishwasher for everyday use and is suitable for those who live in cramped spaces. At a price below $500, this is affordable compared to other units from other tried and tested brands.

Consumer likes:

* small and portable
* energy efficient
* simple and easy to operate

Consumer dislikes:

* no child lock system
* may be too basic for other needs
* no delay start feature
* no fold-down metal tines
* no stainless steel interior

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Sep 15, 2010
The worst dishwasher
by: Scott Jensen

I have a GE potable dishwasher this is the worst dishwasher I have ever owned. I have 2 hour cycle sucks. I have to wash my dishes because this washer don't remove anything. GE at one time was a good brand not anymore less quality for the higher price.I hope you build a better jet engine than a dishwasher.I'm sure you will start going to start finding cheaper china parts since you send all or jobs overseas. I will never buy GE product ever again. If I could I would throw it away and buy kenmore or whirlpool.

Jul 27, 2010
Never again
by: michelle

This is not exactly my model-it being GSC3508K00WW--but it`s close enough. From day one it has been a noisy machine but I can live with tha if it actually did what a dishwasher is supposed to do. We have owned it for three or four years now and I would have to say that 75% of the time I have had to rewash the dishes, mainly glassware. I use Cascade detergent, Jet dry and I use a dishwasher cleaner regularly. As a matter of fact, I just cleaned it yesterday then ran my dishes through and ick! Food particles stuck on the glasses--it didn`t even remove fingerprints from the outside! This is my first dishwasher as an adult (I`m 40) as I have never thought they were convenient from listening to complaints but my boyfriend wanted one. With this GE, convenience does not enter into it. I will either never get another dishwasher or switch to Kenmore. I have never had a problem with a Kenmore product.

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