GE GSC3500RWW Convertible White Portable Dishwasher

12 Place Setting Energy Star Qualified 5 Wash Cycles

12 Place Setting Energy Star Qualified 5 Wash Cycles

The GSC3500RWW is another product from GE's line of dishwashers that come with a number of useful features, among them the five wash cycles and Touch Tap controls.

Interior Features
  • The unit sports the 4-level powerscrub wash system composed of a redesigned wash arm that direct water with precision. This eliminates the need for pre-rinsing and soaking. The 100% water filtration system ensures that no food particles are deposited on the plates after they are clean. This is done with the two filters. There's a coarse filter that filters larger food particles and the Extra Fine filter that filters the soil particles. There are two holes in the bottom of the lower spray that keeps the water flowing continously through the filtration system to keep the water clean.
  • The unit has the Pots and Pan cycle, which is perfect for heavily soiled dishes or cookware. It scours the surfaces of cooking containers with hot water to remove tough stains. Another aid in dishwashing is the Piranha hard food disposer. It comes with blades that rotate continually throughout the wash cycle to grind and pulverize the food particles so that they can pass through the drain system. The stainless steel blade cut through the food particles with ease and resist rust.
  • The unit comes with a 12 place setting capacity and five dishwasher cycles: normal, rinse only, pots and pans, plate warmer and light wash. The GSC3500RWW also comes with an impressive racking feature, which come with the deluxe silverware basket and standard racking for the upper and lower racks. You can enjoy quiet operations with the Quiet package which includes the 64 dBA and the Quiet Power Motor.

    Exterior Features

  • The GSC3500RWW comes with modern touch tap controls that are very easy to clean. You also have knob controls that are easy to handle.The control panel does not have an electronic display. There is also a cycle progress indicator dial which tells you how much time is left.
  • The exterior is made of a clean white finish with black base grills. It also sports the Candlelight woodgrain laminate top that creates a durable and attractive surface that doubles as an extra work area.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 27 inches
    Height: 36 3/8 inches
    Width: 24 7/8inches


  • The unit comes with a food disposer which makes dishwashing very convenient.
  • The unit can accomodate up to 12 place settings, perfect for a regular-sized meal.
  • The unit is very quiet.
  • The exterior is smooth, easy to clean.
  • The panels are easy to use. Touch pads and rotary dials are very responsive.


  • The tub and door liner are made of PermaTuff, which is not as durable as stainless steel tubs.
  • It does not come with several features that are present in other units such as china/crystal settings and Quick Wash settings.
  • The unit also does not come with NSF certified rinse, a feature that ensures less bacteria in your
  • The touchpads tend to break down easily.


  • food dispenser makes dishwashing a breeze
  • accomodates up to 12 place settings and saves washing time
  • quiet
  • exterior is smooth and easy to clean
  • panels are easy to use


  • inner tub not very durable
  • lacks certain features
  • no NSF certified rinse
  • touchpads break down easily

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