GE GSD2301RBB Built-in Black Dishwasher

12 Place Setting Energy Star Qualified PowerScrub Wash System

12 Place Setting Energy Star Qualified PowerScrub Wash System

The GSD2301RBB is a dishwasher model manufactured by GE packed with all the needed conveniences in a dishwasher. But despite the stylish looks and the functions of this model, it has kept a relatively low price, keeping it at a more affordable end of dishwashers in the market. Among its more popular functions is its 3-level PowerScrub wash system which removes even the toughest food stains with its precision water jets and hot water temperatures. With its Energy Star qualification, you can do your share in saving the environment and saving a few dollars in utility bills.

Interior Features
  • The built-in Piranha hard food disposer grinds leftover food into the smallest particles so that they can be disposed of properly. The upper and lower racks have a deluxe silverware basket dedicated to storing these items to prevent them from scratching the more delicate dining ware.
  • The HotStart option ensures that the water temperature used to wash items are kept constant from beginning to end. The 5 cycles and 2 options allow the user to really choose which combination would be effective in a particular wash load.
  • The 100% water filtration feature assures you that the water used in washing items help in making your load really clean. The PermaTuf material used in the tub and door liner assures rust-proof interiors that withstand much wear and tear.
  • The trademark QuietPower motor allows the machine to use give out 64 dBA of sound, making it a relatively quiet machine. With this feature, doing the laundry doesn't have to be a noisy and bothersome task.

    Exterior Features

  • The Turn-To-Start gives even new users the ease in operating this machine. There are 4 touch pads featuring a cycle progress indicator dial and a start/reset pad.
  • The black finish for this model give it a very mysterious yet confident look. The door has a hard countertop GPF65 installation for additional space should the user need so.

    Dimension Specifications

    Height: 34 inches
    Depth: 25 3/4 inches
    Width: 24 inches
    Total Capacity: Up to 12 place setting


  • The 3-level wash system with PowerScrub allows through washing of even the toughest stains.
  • The Piranha Hard Food Disposer makes sure that no food particles block and clog the tubes in the machine.
  • The Rinse Aid dispenser has detergent dispensed to the items at the right amounts at the right time.
  • The 5 dishwasher cycles include Normal Wash, Rinse Only, Pots & Pans, Plate Warmer and Light Wash.
  • The 2 dishwasher options of Heated Dry On/Off and HotStart guarantee convenience and advanced operations for dining and kitchen ware to be cleaned properly.


  • The machine is equipped with only one wash arm, which may not be as effective in dispensing water to all items as models with 2 wash arms.
  • The standard tub design can accommodate less bigger items compared to washers with tubs that have a tall or giant design.
  • Both the upper and lower racks have standard design that are not as flexible in terms of adjustability.


  • 3-level wash system with PowerScrub
  • Piranha Hard Food Disposer
  • Rinse Aid dispenser
  • 5 dishwasher cycles
  • Heated Dry On/Off
  • HotStart feature


  • Only one wash arm
  • Standard tub design
  • Standard designed racks

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