GE #GSD3300N10BB

by Seth
(Fernley, Nevada)

We have a GE #GSD3300N10BB dish washer that came installed in our newly built home 6 months ago. While the dish washer does wash dishes, it would not have been my first choice. The biggest issues are the noise, clean capabilities, and the size.

In the past we typically would go about our evening and finishing by loading up the dishwasher and going to bed. This dishwasher is quite a bit nosier than the washers we have had in the past and we quickly change our nightly routine.

We have also been fortunate enough in the past to have dish washers that really clean a lot better. We have had 2 different Kenmore products in the past that we would literally just put the dishes in the washer, turn it on, and presto, the dishes were clean.

With this machine everything basically needs to be washed before going into the dishwasher. Not much of a time and work saver at all.

Lastly, the organization of the shelves and racks is not very convenient at all either. It does not accommodate larger items such as pots, pans, and bowls well at all. If you are going to get these items in there, it will be just a couple. The upper shelve is designed to take small plate, bowls, with very few racks for glasses.

I wish they had left out the plate and bowl section and just made it all for glasses, there is room for the plates and bowls on the lower shelve around the few big items that will fit down there.

Over all I am pretty disappointed with the product as time and money permits we will be investing in a new dishwasher. On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, I would rate this one a 2.

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Jan 13, 2012
by: Darth

This noisy non-dishwashing piece of crap came with our new home in 2008. We put up with its poor performance until it died in 2012. It made lots of frightening noises for the last 2 months of its life. If you have one, replace it before you have to wait a week to get a new one delivered.

Apr 09, 2010
by: Anonymous

-Looks nice and simple.
-Works great.
-removable silverware tray.

-doesn't come in stainless steel
-limited color options

I'm not a dishwasher expert, I can only base my review on previous dishwashers. And after owning lots of them in the past, I can say that this one is the best one thus far. You can put an old bowl that had oatmeal caked on it, and when it is done being washed, there will be no residue on the bowl at all.

Previous dishwashers were more of a dish-sanitizer more than anything. You basically had to wash it yourself before you can put it in the Dishwasher, this is not the case with this dishwasher. It really is great. You can spend lots and lots of money on fancy ones that have all sorts of odd features, or look really nice. But for my needs this one does the job just fine.

It can hold a good amount of dishes, and I like the removable tray for the silver ware. That comes in real handy. When the dishes are all clean, and its time to unload the dish washer, all you have to do is pull the tray out, and take it to your silverware drawer and start unloading them right there. This is much faster than going back and forth between the dishwasher and the silverware drawer (which is like 5 or 6 feet in my kitchen).

Also this dishwasher can use all sorts of detergents.... The powder stuff, the liquid stuff, or the little capsules (I like these the best, because they are less messy... just place one right under the latch, and that's pouring or the mess that goes with that.)

Feb 07, 2010
worst dw ever
by: Anonymous

I got this installed in my new home and it is awful. Loud, small, doesn't waSH GOOD AT ALL

Jan 28, 2010
Not impressed with this dishwasher
by: Anonymous

Noisy,small, doesn't clean well and GE customer service is awful to deal with...once you get ahold of someone. We will definitely be shopping for a new product.

Jan 26, 2010
by: Larry

This dishwasher came installed in our new house. It is noisy, but we could stand the noise if it would clean. You might as well hand wash the dishes first as it does not do the job that previous, older models have done. I would definitely not buy this product.

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