GE GSM1800JWW Dishwasher

The General Electric dishwasher model # GSM1800JWW is a small capacity dishwasher. I suppose that a dishwasher of this size would do well for an elderly couple or someone living on you own but for a family this dishwasher is a nightmare.

Any time I need to wash dishes it takes me at least two cycles to get them all finished and sometimes there is still more to wash! Not only that but you frequently need to clean it or it gets all gloppy at the bottom. It does not have a disposal. Half the time my dishes don't even get clean.

The basket that the silverware sits in even melted a bit from the heating element. How cheap is that? Now when I put my silverware into it sometimes it goes straight through and I can close the shelves that the dishes sit on. Don't try to open it at all during it's cycle either.

Water spills out everywhere. In a positive light at least I don't have to do the dishes by hand and sometimes after we clean it, it works alright for a while. The outside is white and it gets grimy looking quickly but the outside is easy to clean.

Everything except the heat vent. The heat vent gets brown and needs to be cleaned with a toothbrush or something like that. I definitely would not buy this dishwasher if I had a choice but, alas, it came with the house.

- I don't have to wash dishes by hand
- Easy to clean the outside

- Does not always get dishes clean
- Hard to clean inside

2 out of 5

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