I recently purchased a GE 18 inch dishwasher during a kitchen remodel. I could not be happier with my purchase. Going from absolutely no dishwasher to having one in general would make me happy, however, this appliance works wonderfully compared to some of my families full size models.

Although the 18 inch model is not a common size, it is necessary for people in my situation who may have an extremely small kitchen. My kitchen is 9' by 14' so it was necessary to purchase a small model if I were to add a dishwasher to the kitchen without sacrificing a lot of cabinet space. For my family of four it easily handles a days worth of dishes. Since my children are young, ages five and two, I have it stuffed with sippy cups, cereal crusted bowls, and plates with peanut butter stuck to them.

I am not a pre-wash kind of person, I just throw the dishes in the dishwasher as they are and they always come out clean. I cannot believe how amazing this appliance is. It consistently handles whatever food mess I throw at it. My two obvious pros for this appliance are cleaning ability, and size (for those of us who are short on kitchen space).

The only cons are minor, I do not feel that the dishwasher effectively dries the dishes. If I happen to leave the dishwasher closed for over 24 hours after running a cycle it tends to leave a musty smell on the dishes. To combat this I run a cycle after dinner and then crack the door open before I go to bed. The dishes are then clean and dry and ready for me to unload in the morning before breakfast.

Also, the size which is a pro for me can also be a con. It is completely impossible to place anything larger than a saucepan in the dishwasher, which leaves some hand dishwashing to do if a skillet or large pan was used to cook. Overall I would give this dishwasher a 5. I love its cleaning ability and has dramatically cut down my time spent in the kitchen doing dishes since I purchased it a few months ago. I would highly reccommend this appliance to anyone who has a small kitchen space.

- cleaning ability
- size

- does not effectively dries the dishes

5 out of 5

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