GE GSM2200NBB 24 Inch Under the Sink Dishwasher

Eco Options Single Drawer

Eco Options Single Drawer

The GSM2200NBB is a sleek black dishwasher that fits right under your sink. The design of the machine allows the user to easily install the device within the kitchen counter. It has a quiet motor feature that allows the user to go about kitchen tasks in peace. The machine also has a wonderful eco option that helps reduce water usage, that translates to less utility bills.

Interior Features
  • The drawer has a standard height that is convenient for users to use and stack dishes in. The machine has a filtered water option that assures the user that the water used for the washings are clean and free of any additional dirt and particles. It also has a heated dry option that saves the user the hassle of wiping the dishes dry.
  • The machine has five cycles to choose from in order to match the washing needs of the user. The basket within the drawer is removable which makes it easier to clean and also put in the dishes for washing.

    Exterior Features

  • This model comes in a sleek black finish that will surely attract the attention of the user. The door has a non-integrated design but it still opens easily and locks securely when the washing is on going.
  • The model also has an electro-mechanical control panel that incorporated knobs and buttons in order to make it easier for the user to adjust settings and choose wash cycles. This is a convenient way for the user to choose which cycles to wash dishes with.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 25 ¾ Inches
    Height: 35 Inches
    Width: 24 Inches


    The sleek design will surely be a plus for any kitchen owner as it is easily incorporated into the kitchen design. Moreover, it has the spacemaker rack feature that allows dishes to be stacked in the drawer in such a way to save on space, allowing the user to put in more dishes.

    The washer also has an eco feature that helps reduce utility bills by using the least amount of water possible. It also has a four level power scrub wash system that takes pains to eliminate any excess residue from the food that came into contact with the dishes.


    The product has a limited one year warranty. It also does not have some features that are common in washers from the same line. It does not have adjustable racks and an automatic water temperature control.

    It also does not have a quick rinse feature in order for the user to save on time doing the dishes. The machine does not come with special racks for cutlery and cups, making it more difficult to wash these items in the single drawer machine. It also does not employ a high temperature wash option in order to make it easier to wash away the grease from the dishes.


  • sleek design
  • space maker racks
  • four level power scrub
  • easy to use
  • sturdily built
  • electro-mechanical control panel
  • five cycles


  • not energy star rated
  • no high temperature wash

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