GE GSM2200NBB Spacemaker Black Under-the-Sink Dishwasher

 TouchTap & Dial Controls PowerScrub

TouchTap & Dial Controls PowerScrub

The GSM2200NBB is another offering from the dishwasher line from GE. It comes packed with an impressive lineup of features that will make dishwashing easier and more energy-efficient.

Interior Features
  • The unit comes with an impressive racking feature which includes the Spacemaker Upper rack design, allowing the dishwasher to be installed under the sink to maximize available kitchen space. The cleaning and washing features are equally impressive. You have the four level powerscrub wash system which comes with redesigned wash arms that direct water with precision. This feature eliminates the need to prerinse, soak, and scrub. This works with the 100% water filtration system that reduces the re-depositing of soil on dishes so you get plates that are totally free of residue. The hot-rinse temperature helps remove bacteria and assists in the natural convection drying process, allowing dishes to dry in a shorter period of time.
  • The GSM2200NBB comes with impressive racking features as well. A good example is the deluxe silverware basket, which provides convenient space for effective cleaning of silverware.
  • Enjoy quiet operation with the various silence features such as the Quiet Power motor which is the reason why the unit operates quietly and efficiently. Finally, ensure that your water remains the same from start to end with the HotStart option, which preheats the water and dishes to the optimal wash temperature before the main wash cycle. This dishwasher heats the temperature using inlet water temperatures as low as 95˚F.
  • Make sure that all food particles are removed and successfully disposed of with the Piranha hard food disposal system. Food particles are washed according to your preference. Simply choose among the various wash options.

    Exterior Features

  • The unit comes with the under-the-sink installation feature and a standard door. The type of installation allows you to put the unit flush with the rest of under-the-sink cabinetry.
  • The unit is simple but elegant, with clean and simple lines done in a shiny black finish. The controls are located on the upper portion of the panel and is where the Rinse Only dial, Hotstart, and Platewarmer dials are found. The control panel is also where you will find the cycle progress indicators, and the four touchpads.
  • Levelling legs are available and are useful for changing the height of the unit. These features also make the machine more easy to move or place around the kitchen.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 25 3/4 inches
    Height: 34 inches
    Width: 24 inches


  • The unit is just the right size for a regular family and is big enough to accomodate all the dishes in one meal.
  • The configuration allows you to save space in the kitchen.
  • The unit is quiet and operates with virtually no vibration.
  • The GSM2200NBB sports a stylish exterior that makes it look more pricey than it actually is.
  • The dishwasher is very efficient at water and power use with the energy efficient features.


  • There's a slight problem with the filtration system, which allows food residue to come in contact with clean plates.
  • The unit tends to make some noise when running for several hours straight.
  • The size may be too large for some kitchen countertops.


  • right size for a regular family
  • space-saving configuration
  • quiet, no vibration
  • stylish exterior
  • saves power and water


  • filtration system problems
  • makes noise when running for too long
  • size too large for some countertop models

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